How far is Nagaland after 12 time of Election?

Aiborlang and Tsungkamla
Bosco B.Ed College, Dimapur

Among the three states of Northeast India who are preparing for the upcoming state election, Nagaland is the oldest state compared to Tripura and Meghalaya. Nagaland got it full- fledged statehood on the 1st of December, 1963 while the other states, Meghalaya and Tripura in the year 1972.


Looking back at the past years since 1964 Nagaland had its first state election to the State Legislative Assembly. However, we do not know how many of the voters learned from the past experiences of choosing their own leaders to the state Legislative Assembly.


We do agree with Kahuto Sumi‘s last article on ‘The Dilemma facing the Naga voter’ (NP Feb 9, 2018) who stated that Nagaland needs clean candidates rather than clean election.


We have heard and read in different newspapers as well as TV channels reporting about the different churches in Nagaland constantly praying for clean election in the state. Certainly this good act of the people belonging to different churches in the state is admired and appreciated by all.


However, as Kahuto stated in his last article that we need more clean candidates rather than clean election is much more appropriate for our state like Nagaland. Twelve times Nagaland had experienced state election since the first election conducted in January 1964, while the first state government was formed on the 11th February 1964 with its first Chief Minister P. Shilu Ao, an MLA from Impur constituency. Therefore, as the 13th state election in Nagaland is coming on the 27th February this month, we do not know how far the Naga voters have learned from the past to cast the vote to the right candidate who will serve and govern the state well.


Are we the citizens for good governance or for money? How can the state develop if all run for money rather than good governance or good government? We have seen quite many articles in different newspapers of Nagaland where the writers keep on questioning the public ‘Is Nagaland for Christ or for money?’


Having said so, we do not have any intention to condemn or to criticize any of the candidates for the election; instead we just want to make the readers reflect on how we exercise our franchise in the past years of election.


Last year we had written an article on ‘Good roads attract more tourists’ yet when we see our road condition in Nagaland is really unacceptable and condemnable to any of the government in the past. ‘As we enter Nagaland gate we can feel like sitting on a horse not inside the vehicle’ said one of the citizens of Dimapur.


Hence, if roads are not improving even in the city like Dimapur imagine of the road condition in the thousand of villages in Nagaland. ‘It is better to go by chopper rather than by road’ said one of the citizens of Tuensang town. On the other hand, the chopper service is merely twice a week, and that is only when the weather is clear. Consequently, it cannot meet the demands of the people again he added.


Thus, where are the schemes for road and development? Furthermore a good road is only a distant dream for the people of Tuensang district. As a result, it is a high time for the people of Nagaland to choose the good leaders to the state Legislative Assembly as they exercise their franchise on the 27th of this month.


Let us remember the beautiful words of the father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi who once said ‘The world has enough resources for the needy but not enough for the greedy’. Thus, let the citizens be prudent enough in casting the vote to the right candidate rather than later complaining of the corrupted government in Nagaland.