Do you feel assured that Nagaland state’s public health system is prepared to respond to any public health emergencies? Why?

Do you feel assured that Nagaland state’s public health system is prepared to respond to any public health emergencies? Why?

Some of those who voted YES had this to say:


  • I don’t blame the doctors because I believe majority of the doctors are trying and doing their best for the society. It’s the politicians and bureaucrats that control the system that is messing it up.


Some of those who voted NO had this to say:


  • No. It’s a joke. Our politicians and bureaucrats are very lucky. If this was some other state they would have been booted out of power long time ago. Its time for them to wake up. I am very worried because if a health emergency really happens we are all in for a very bad time.


  • No, although the medical staffs are qualified, the department lack proper facilities like medicines and other equipments


  • No. The government in coordination with the health department and the disaster agency must have a policy and an action plan. This is lacking in Nagaland. This year the number of dengue cases has gone up drastically but the response of the government continues to be callous.


  • No, it lacks advance equipment and technology and are also weak in number of well trained technicians and qualified personal• No, very bad public health infrastructure, second need health workers to be motivated to work as per their postings.


  • No, When all the corrupt nincompoops are running the affairs of the state, how could one expect anything good. Not even free medicine to the deserving poor or free ambulance service or treatment or benefits under schemes or anything. In such a scenario, the state will respond only to private emergencies, with exception to a few good doctors,  nurses and other service providers.


  • No, take a look at the state of affair at Naga Hospital, Kohima. It’s maintenance and its poorly equipped technologies will simply show how serious the state is about health care system. Now, compare this to other far flung areas and we see it gets only worse. Stupid morons running the state with incompetent bureaucrats stealing everything shamelessly building palatial homes and buying expensive everything  is the reason why. May judgement be served upon all of them the way they deserve.


  • No, in spite of the tall promises made by the State Government on Health facilities in the State, nothing worth praising system are in place, maybe except in certain sections in the urban settings, most of the health facilities in the rural and semi rural areas are in a very pathetic state generally. Though there are some few committed individuals in the medical fraternity whose sacrifices made them the guardian angels for the Departments. Both the Department, the allied Departments like PHE,R&B, RDs, SSW, Power, SDM etc,. and the Public needs to redefine our understanding and commitments on the improvement of the entire Public Health Care System in the State.


  • No. Promises and promises but nothing work out in Nagaland. Assurances? Nope.


  • No. Lack of facilities in every hospital…


Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say:


  • I think the Nagaland government is very lucky because so far it has not really been tested by any major emergencies – whether health or any kind. This year because of the climate there has been some drastic changes in the weather patterns and the floodings in our unplanned cities have raised concern. Luckily for the government it did not do much damage for them.


  • There is something very wrong in Nagaland today. We all can see it but we are not sure where and how to begin cleaning up this mess. It may take a medical emergency to wake us all up from our slumber.