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Do you feel that the overall performance of civil servants in Nagaland is improving? How?

Some of those who voted YES had this to say:
• Yes on the whole I think the overall performance of civil servants in Nagaland is slowly improving. Of course when I say this, there is so much more that needs to be done, but considering how it was just a few years ago I will say that there has been some slight improvement. Lets hope that this trend will continue.
• Yes, to some extent. The younger breed of civil servants seem more dedicated in their work. They are punctual and take their work more seriously. The older generation remains the same.
• Yes, recently there seems to be some improvement. This may be because the central government has become more strict and also because there are now many NGOs that are behaving like watchdogs in our state.
• Yes there are been some marked changed in attitude at the EAC to the ADC level. These changes are most welcome. But from the DC upwards the old school still exists.


Some of those who voted NO had this to say:
• No, the bureaucracy remains stagnant in our state. They are the ones that hold the real power but decades of unaccounted free style functioning of the administration are taking its toll.
• Unfortunately big NO. Rather during the last 12-13 years in our Naga history, majority of our civil servants have become like that of politicians and underground brothers. Nexus of these three is completely “loading” governance in our beloved Nagaland. What can we expect from these people??? Sad to say but they never show positive improvement in their work.
• No are you joking the civil services have become chamchas of politicians. At least politicians have a limited period to rob the people. The civil services have a lifetime.
• No never improving….its only improving corruption, bribery etc etc when we see overall performance
• No, improving only in the know how of corrupting more without getting caught
• Not yet
• No, who are these civil servants in Nagaland? They are not civil servants rather they are public property loader.
• No despite all the public pressure and the changing scenario all over the world our state civil administration refuses to grow and keep up with times. They are stubbornly refusing to take more responsibilities in doing their duty.


Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say:
• Its a very important question. For our state to develop it depends on the civil servants and not the politicians. Let us remember that politicians come and go but the civil servants continue. The quality of civil servants need to improve and catch up with some of our neighboring states in the Northeast. When we compare between the states our civil servants need to humble down and work harder. In Nagaland they are the mighty officers where people are serving them, but once they leave Nagaland for official work, they are like school children.
• Cannot gauge
• Civil Servants are part of the packaging and parcel to aid the Legislative branch…We are trying to measure without that aspect. They work in conjunction with and under directives of Legislators sworn to allegiance…Perhaps judging a donkeys performance is uncalled for just as long as it can bear the load…..Our attitudes from the outside at most times are unforgiving and uncharitable
• I have no idea. I am 22 and don’t know.
• To be honest I think it will take another 10 years atleast before a the younger officers will be able to make decisions at the highest level that will impact the overall performance of the civil administration.

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