Festive Season-Time to be Extra Vigilant

Kuhoi Zhimo
Chairman, Sumi Council, Dimapur


With the festive season approaching, the volume of footfall is going to increase manifold in Dimapur. Shoppers from all across Nagaland as well as the neighboring states will be flocking for their purchases. These rushes of visitors create avenues for dubious people to exploit the unsuspecting villagers and dupe them some way or the other. So, in a situation like this, the citizens of the commercial hub need to be extra vigilant to see to it that visitors are not harassed by unscrupulous elements.


In this connection, the Sumi Council, Dimapur would like to appeal to the district administration, law enforcing agencies, civil society organizations as well as our national workers to take note of all the social evils which erupts particularly during this time when dice games, cards games, jhandi mundas etc. are played in isolated areas and poor villagers end up becoming the victims of daylight robberies and return back home empty-handed. Snatching and stealing also become rampant and not forgetting the exorbitant rates charged by autos and taxis. Business community of Dimapur also should try to be reasonable and not charge extra from the customers during this period.

The Sumi Council, Dimapur would further like to request the elected representatives of Dimapur to put pressure on the concerned department to restore the deplorable road condition of the town before Christmas and bring some joy in the faces of our suffering public.


As responsible citizens of Dimapur town, it is the bounden duty of every individual to ensure that peace and tranquility prevails where people can move freely without any fear. Towards this end our media fraternity also has a pivotal role to play by highlighting the deficiencies so that prompt remedial measure can be taken to stop further lapses in the law and order situation.


Finally, the demolition of one bridge and the collapse of a couple others have affected the traffic flow in Dimapur. This has been causing unnecessary delays and harassment to the public. As the Hornbill Festival is approaching and which will be followed by Christmas and New Year, it is urged upon the Traffic Police to take remedial measure in advance to avoid inordinate delays and smooth flow of vehicles without any snarls and jams for the comfort of both visitors and the general public.