FGN celebrates ’64th Nagaland Republic Day’ in Kohima

FGN celebrates ’64th Nagaland Republic Day’ in Kohima

FGN President Gen. (Rtd) Viyalie Metha and NNC president Adinno Phizo with others during the “64th Nagaland Republic Day” at Transit Peace Camp (TPC), Kohima. (Morung Photo)

Our Correspondent
Kohima | March 22

The Federal Government of Nagaland (FGN) today celebrated “64th Nagaland Republic Day” here at Transit Peace Camp (TPC), Kohima.

In his address after unfurling national flag, FGN Kedahge (President) Gen. (Retd) Viyalie Metha said that the FGN upholds the Ceasefire Agreement made with the Government of India which was signed between the two Governments in 1964 with the aim and purpose to find an honourable solution for both the parties concerned within the spirit of the ceasefire agreement.

He said that on the occasion of Republic Day, “it is required that the people look back to the history of their nation and people.”

Metha said when evidently India was to be given Independence, Naga leaders led by AZ Phizo went to India and met most of Indian leaders of that time including Mahatma Gandhi, in order to built good neighbourly relationship between India and Nagaland, adding “And with mutual understanding between each other, Nagas declared their Independence on August 14, 1947.”

He said that India, rather than giving rational consideration on the stand of Nagas asserted power of its might to intimidate the Nagas by force which started in 1954.

“By 1956 Naga youths volunteered to defend their country. They organised themselves as ’Safe Guard’ and after some time it was changed again as ’Home Guard’. The situation prompted Nagas to set up their own Government and thus the Federal Government of Nagaland (FGN) was established on March 22, 1956 at Parashen in Rengma Region under the Yehzabo of Nagaland. Thus we are celebrating the 64th Nagaland Republic Day today,” Metha said.

As for the matter between India and Nagaland, Metha said that it is India’s aggression over Nagaland.

“And sooner or later India must withdraw her occupational forces from Nagaland. The sooner this is done the better it will be for India,” Metha said.
Naga National Council (NNC) president Adinno Phizo was also present on the occasion.

The celebration was also marked by presentation of awards and folk song by Zeliangrong region.