First aid treatment and management for pet owners

First aid treatment and management for pet owners

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All pet animals are prone to minor/major injuries, sprains; fracture and other suchcondition that cause great discomfort, pain and agony. Pet animal are most precious to us emotionally and financially, therefore all pet owners should be aware of the ways and means of giving first aids. First aid treatment means immediate treatment given to the injured pets instantly


A prompt attention by pet owner in spotting and identifying injuries, sprains, fracture and such other condition as mention below would go a long way in keeping the pet healthy, happy and productive.


The common first aid treatment that can be given in pet animal are-

1. Wound: Remove the cause of injury, if it is by glass,nail etc. Bleeding from a puncture wound maybe stopped by putting tempon /cotton ball. Bleeding from the injury in the extremities maybe reduced by applying a tourniquet with the help of a bandage/clean piece of clothes.

2. Snake bite: The bitten area should be given multiple lateralincisions to drain/bleed from the area and thereby expel the venom. Moreover washing of bitten area is needed in order to drain away the venom.

3. Dog bite: Bite injury cause by another dog. The injured area is to be washed with soap solution or may be cauterized with carbolic acid.

4. Bee/Insects stings: -The area of the sting should be washed with bicarbonate of soda or household ammonia.

5. Burns and scald: Burn and scald injury are mostly caused by fire, boiling, water,tar, oil and chemicals etc. The most important first aidis to cool the affected area. Flushing the burnt area with cold water, application of household detergents solution followed by washing with clean cold water or application of ice.

6. Fracture: The principle first aid treatment is to minimize the movement of animal,by bamboo/wooden splints for immobilization of affected part. Before wrapping the splint, the limb is to cover with a layer of cotton to prevent hard pressing on the skin. Do not massage the fractured area.

7. Eye injury: The injured eye should be cleaned with clean boiled water and lubricated with antibiotic eye drop. The injured animal to be confined in a dark room to avoid discomfort.


After the first aid treatment of the above cases by the owners he/she should immediately consult the nearest veterinary dispensary or hospital for further treatment