Flooding woes at Signal junction in Dimapur

Flooding woes at Signal junction in Dimapur
Vehicles wade through the flooded road at Signal junction in Dimapur. (Morung Photo)


Morung Express News
Dimapur | July 12


Dimapur is not new to flooding in several areas during monsoon even with a normal downpour and residents living beyond Signal Angami junction were not an exception on Thursday afternoon’s rain.


The road leading to Signal Bazaar from the Police Point near Urban Police Station was flooded with rain-water as vehicles and pedestrians struggled to cross the road. Scores of vehicles were seen struggling midway and had to seek assistance from onlookers to help push the vehicles to clear road.


Speaking to The Morung Express, K. Holo, a resident of the area said that he has been residing in the locality for the past 14 years and sincerely paying all sorts of taxes to the DMC but that flooding was what the authority gave to the public in return.


Another resident had reasoned that if the Municipal had at least regularly maintained the drainage, the flood would have been controlled to some extent.


Motuo from the same locality refused to comment much except stating, “Whichever authority is responsible should immediately look into the problems.”


During interactions from the residents of the area, it was learnt flooding in that particular section was a normal affair during monsoon and even during off-season whenever a there is downpour.