Food Security Group formed at Wazeho

ATMA Phek establish Tree Bean Farm School at Yisi Sotha village

Phek, May 10 (MExN): ATMA Phek, Wazeho Block conducted training and demonstration on May 3 and 4 at Yisi Sotha Village and Wazeho respectively. Food Security Group was formed at Wazeho and Tree Bean Farm School was established at Yisi Sotha village.


Sinilo Kent, ATM imparted training on package and practices of banana cultivation, mulching and the methods were demonstrated in the field. He demonstrated the cultivation of mushroom and explained on the uses in terms of health benefits and as a source of additional income. Mushroom spawns were also distributed to the farmers.


Nuzo Kezo, ATM explained about mixed farming and insect pest management where he also presented some indigenous technical knowledge of IPM. Potsulu Theluo, ATM imparted training on vegetable nursery management and demonstration of vegetable nursery bed was conducted in the field. She also demonstrated the use of yellow sticky trap for insect pest management especially for pests like aphids and whiteflies that is greatly affecting the mustard, cabbage, chilli and tomato crops in the field.


A total of 50 farmers attended the programme.