Foothill Road: 8km of earth-cutting remains

Morung Express News
Dimapur | August 4


The Nagaland Foothill Road Coordination Committee (NFHRCC) has informed that earth-cutting work on the Mokokchung sector of the Nagaland Foothill Road project has been completed. With earth-cutting completed in the Mokokchung sector, the NFHRCC on August 4 stated that only about 8 km of uncut portions remain in the Niuland and Naginimora segments. Around 5 km of earth-cutting is required in the Niuland area and 3 km in the Naginimora area.


Stating that work will begin on the two segments by October-November after the monsoon subsides, the NFHRCC informed that the State government has sanctioned the fund required to clear the uncut portions. If all goes according to plan, earth-cutting on the entire stretch of the Foothill road will be over by the turn of 2017.


With regard to the Doyang Bridge, it was informed that work is progressing without any hiccup. With a completion deadline of 33 months, work to bridge the Doyang at Liphanyan (near Governor’s Camp) had started in December 2014. Expressing hope that the bridge will be completed within the stipulated timeframe, the NFHRCC urged the construction firm to expedite work in the interest of the people.