Footpath Vendors in Kohima- challenges and suggestions

Footpath Vendors in Kohima- challenges and suggestions

G.L. Khing: In Kohima, the footpath along the Highway/Road has been occupied by vegetable vendors (in many places). Look at Razhu Point, Old MLA Hostel junction, PHQ Junction, P.R. Hill, etc. Where do we expect the pedestrians to walk??? In the middle of the road? Who permits the vendors to sell their items or products on the footpath? Is it by the KMC or the business committee? I think if this random selling of vegetables beside the Highway and road continues, there won’t be any more place for the public to walk. Even the tiniest place beside the road meant for the pedestrians is not spared by the vendors. The students going to schools and colleges may have to walk inside the road to reach their destination. The customers walking up and down the market have no place to put their feet on the footpath. Kohima has been listed in the Smart City list. Now we find many smart vendors more than Smart Kohima. Moreover, this is not a healthy way of living. We need vegetable vendors to keep our kitchen alive. I personally encourage the vendors to sell their farm products to the best of their ability. No one should harass them. But to sell in such wrong places disturb my conscience. There should be assigned places for proper marketing. I would kindly request the KMC to look into this matter seriously for the good of all. ‘Anyhow, anywhere & somehow’ can destroy our social system.


Hosayol Sothu Sayo: Vendor doesn’t mean only local vendors. To be reasonable it is not right and I agree with PM, footpaths are meant for pedestrians to walk. Vendors occupying the footpath and pedestrian walking on road is more threat to life, which we need to consider as what I make out with this post. Sadly, the vendors are forced to sell their products on footpath due to non-availability of proper market sheds in Kohima. Also, bringing to our notice non-local vendors occupy most of the prime footpath locations and local vendors are seen pushed to some corners along the footpaths. Not only authority but we all as citizens need to raise this concern whosoever has the channel to make it heard.


Yanmong Tutsuliu Tikhir: We are absolute trend but little fools. We highly prefer having cloths from a properly sealed package but love to enjoy meal which is not rightly preserved. In fact, we not only consume vegetable but also lots of germs, and not forgetting, the splash of dirty water from pot holes & kgs of dust. Now in PR hill BUC the vendors can sell their products comfortably. No bad weather problem neither deficient of hygiene. Kohima needs more of such.


Mhabemo T: Yes, I have a suggestion to the concerned representatives over there. The solution is simple on this issue. Locate a suitable place in every colony and build a marketing shed for those bread earners vendors. That will ease the free movements of commuters on these footpath areas and will save time and energy for both the customers and the vendors too instead of going from one colony to another and to other areas for buying vegetables. Yes, the concerned representatives will deliver our social problem if the public co-operate them for our good cause after all the inconvenience caused by those vendors is for all of us. Yes, I am sure our PDA govt. headed by N. RIO will hear you. Yes, this is not a big issue just co-operate within the public and take up the issue to your concerned district representatives they will hear your voice! Thank You!


Barth Humtsoe: While the issue of street hawkers is getting serious by the day. While addressing the same, we need to look at the humane side too considering most street vendors are old mothers or hand to mouth survivors. I think the concerned authority can find ways and means to accommodate street vendors in places where the street is large and has enough open spaces or they can simply allow such vendors to sell their wares in open spaces like Kohima Local ground when the ground is not hosting any event. Street vendors are there even in developed countries but the only difference between us and them is how street vending is regulated and supervised.


My first task if I were the Chief Minister of Nagaland

Imsu Lkr: If I were the Chief Minister of Nagaland even for a minute, the least I would do is to pass an order to all government servants to open bank account in Nagaland State Cooperative Bank within a month stating henceforth all government salary and govt. work bills to be transacted only through state Cooperative bank and no other bank.


But WHY???


Here is the deal…


* On one hand, see how the mother banks (i.e., SBI & others) drain and kill all our hard earned saved money putting restrictions even on ATM withdrawal, minimum balance maintenance, transfers fee, sms charge, huge loan charge from us but so little in our deposit interest etc etc (worst been SBI, I can see the attitudes of SBI staffs as I type now). In reality, what good does the bank serve to people if not killing our wealth???


* Now if by any means we are to avail bank service then why not the government as well as all of us put effort to use our own local cooperative bank instead of other outside based banks. At Least, the various mentioned charges benefit to the bank from all of our accounts will be a little revenue to the poverty stricken deficit state government and thus it won’t flow outside the state to other bank. Today that’s the only chance the state cooperative bank will survive in the competition with value added sweet mouthed private banks.


* Moreover that will automatically expand the branches of cooperative bank in various corners of state far flung and near thereby at least creating some 1000 job opportunities every year to the ever increasing educated unemployed sector as well. GOD BLESS MY NAGALAND.


Malthus Sangma: The reality is: the Bank survives because of mine and your money! But the way the Bank employees down the rank behave (especially the main nationalized banks), it will look like we are beggars!! My experience with the Gramin Bank in Bangladesh is just the opposite of what & how these conventional nationalized banks in India are treating its customers! In Gramin bank, the bank staff comes to the customers! Because they know that without customers, they cannot survive!! But here, the way the staff behaves is really disgusting!


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