For a Fair Election

Liberal Democratic Party of Nagaland


Needless to say, the resolution taken by the NBCC with the political parties for a clean election is quite appreciative and is indeed a great step for a possible better future that could change the course of Nagas voyage in this world of uncertainty, from a grim one to heights of possibilities. The resolution of Dimapur Urban Council Chairman Federation (DUCCF), with their ‘Action Plan’, for clean election, is also a good initiative, taken at such demanding times. The joint forum further appealed to all councils and GBs of urban areas of other districts to do the same in their own convenient way, which is yet to be realized. Also the initiative taken by as much other concerned individuals or group, be it in present or the past, for clean election, is highly appreciated regardless of the result, considering the rest of the people who had other things to do, or were rather observing…and just observing.


Nevertheless, the probability for a clean election being practiced in Nagaland would depend upon the wealthy candidates and the set of skeptic public; the giver and the receiver…their conscience for the Naga society. We also need to realize that the constitution safeguards our right to conduct clean and fair election, which is the root cause in a system, where the citizens cannot even bring a corrupt official to justice, and then suffer for five years, and then continue the vicious cycle over again.


According to Clause 58 (A) {Representation of the People Act}…empowers the Election Commission to cancel polls, if there is an evidence of booth-capturing or use of muscle power to influence the outcome of election. Their further appeal for Clause 58 (B), in the Act, although has been rejected, which would have ensured the countermanding of elections in affected polling areas, under the provision in that Clause. Thus with the provision of clause 58 (A), we can take action against those candidates who opt for ‘power means’ to influence his win. With specific evidence, we can revoke his seat from the constituency, even after he gambles all his money and win.


The question that remains is whether the parties/candidates are willing to once again go through the trouble of lying to oneself for another five years, convincing himself, that he is a great something and that the misery of the people doesn’t exist. Unlike in western countries, where the people willingly legally donate to their favoring party, based on the party’s projections, we Nagas, claiming ourselves as democratic, seems to be addicted only in receiving, and in the process shatters every possible projection for our society every single time. For we are ignorant of the truth that: The world owes us nothing, the only thing is, can we give back?


Nagas have the high need of accepting certain abstract concepts like: not depending too much on recognized leaders of the state. Nowhere is it written in a democratic memorandum that only leaders can raise voice and bring changes in a society. Changes begins when we accept that we are being met with injustice, and having something to do about it, as our natural rights have always been present, which later began the foundation of rational law. It is also observed that some analysts seem to doubt the equilibrium of political stability, when there never was, is , or will ever be, unless we collectively choose to; consciously or unknowingly.