‘For a just future’

Naga Students’ Federation

For many years now the Naga people’s life and future have been swinging between hope and uncertainty. Dreams and aspirations have been overwhelmed in the matrix of political conflicts, violence and instability. The socio-political circumstances have denied individuals to develop in accordance to their self- worth and to the building of the Naga nation.

The Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) as a platform which represents the voices and rights of the younger generations is resolute in its belief to facilitate and enable the birthing of a new generation of a Naga future that is just and respectable.

For the new to be born it is vital to recognize that our present context is one that comprises of political conflict, division of the Naga people, intra-conflict, nepotism and favoritism, corruption, structural violence and so on. There is no doubt that the Naga youth has suffered immensely under this adverse situation and yet, the Naga youth has survived against all odds and are determined to chart their own destiny for a just future.

In this time of significant importance, the Naga youth needs to take a decisive stand on question of peace and dialogue, reconciliation and healing, governance, and accountability, development and growth and all aspects of building the Naga future. In this, the NSF calls upon all the Naga youth beyond borders to come forward to share their concern and work together to structure a Naga future in the realms of fairness and justice.

NSF is clear that it shall firmly stand for a future where equality, solidarity, justice, compassion and dignity are in harmony with each other, we remain determined to ensure that suppression and falsehood are eradicated and to create an environment where one can pursue their dreams to the best of their abilities.

‘For a just future’ is the theme of the 28th General Conference of the Naga Students’ Federation (NSF), which is scheduled from May 8 -11 in Bhandari town, under Wokha district.