‘For permanent peace, Nagas must unite’

‘For permanent peace, Nagas must unite’

Morung Express News
Dimapur | September 3


Nagaland Legislative Assembly (NLA) Speaker, Chotisuh Sazo on Thursday emphasized on fostering unity among all of Nagas in order to usher in a permanent and honourable peace to the land.


“Nagas require unity, be it overground or underground. Let us try to unite for the greater interest of the Nagas,” the NLA speaker said while addressing an august gathering of the Sangtam community at the Mongmong festival at DDSC, Dimapur.


Mongmong is the premier festival of the Sangtam community and is celebrated before harvest season by offering prayers for blessing and a bountiful harvest.


On the occasion, Sazo underscored that Nagas are at a crucial stage with the recent signing of the framework agreement between the NSCN (IM) and the Government of India.


However, with the details of the framework yet to emerge, Sazo maintained that the onus lies with the Nagas on whether it wanted permanent solution or temporary solution. Inorder to bring permanent solution, the speaker pointed out that Nagas must unite first.


“If we want a permanent and honorable solution, then Naga must unite together and form a common platform-in order to bring permanent peace to our land.” The speaker also voiced out that it was well-nigh that Nagas kept aside individual interest and put common interest at the fore-front.


Sazo also raised concern over the fast disappearing culture of self-reliance and the rise of dependency and indolence gripped by materialism among the present Naga generation.


Highlighting the slothful attitude of the present Nagas with the issue of illegal immigration and a very unlikely comparison-Gaidinliu, Sazo wondered why the issue of Gaidinliu is being taken seriously with stiff opposition while the issue of illegal immigrants and migration without Inner Line Permit (ILP) is hardly an issue at all.


“Nagas treat outsiders especially illegal immigrants very lightly while looking down upon its brothers and sisters with contempt,” he contended. While expressing serious concern over the control of almost all business sectors in Nagaland by outsiders, Sazo said, “Thousands of illegal immigrants and migrants come to Nagaland every year yet Nagas fight with Nagas in support of outsiders, because Nagas were lazy and do not want to work.”


Bringing another instance of the inept attitude of the Nagas, Sazo took the case of the recently concluded All India Pre-Medical Test (AIPMT-2014) where no Naga student could qualify the exam to fill in any of the allotted 56 seats, whereas 241 students from Manipur were selected in the merit list for the 121 seats allotted to them.


Lamenting that the self-reliant attitude of the Nagas was fast disappearing with the young generation not willing to work- either manually or mentally -with majority of Naga educated youths depending only on State government for job instead of competitive exams, Sazo cautioned that the dependency syndrome need to be curbed or it will lead to the total collapse of the State’s economy one day.


“As long as we produce our own food, we are free people. As soon as we lose food, we lost our sovereignty to outsiders…” he stated.


Sangtam Peoples’ Forum Dimapur president, Er Athriba in his welcome address exhorted the gathering that preservation of tradition and culture is not confined to celebrations alone.


More importantly, the true essence of the Naga culture and tradition was honesty, hard work and trustworthiness, which must be put to practice,” he underscored.


The festival was marked with indigenous traditional display of song, dances and games of the Sangtam community. Dignitaries attending the celebration include CL John, Minister of Rural Development who was also the guest of honour; C Kipili Sangtam, Minister of Power, Imtilemba Sangtam, Advisor Co-operation, Er Levi Rengma,


Parliamentary Secretary for Housing, Naiba Konyak, Advisor, Nagaland Bamboo Development Agency (NBDA) and Doyang Changkong, Parliamentary Secretary for New & Renewable Energy.


Thursday’s celebration was organized by Sangtam People’s Dimapur District and sponsored by the North East Zone Cultural Centre (NEZCC).