For transparency: DMC unveils Nagaland’s first GPS vehicle tracking system

For transparency: DMC unveils Nagaland’s first GPS vehicle tracking system

Commissioner of Police, Dimapur Limasunep Jamir (IPS) with DMC Administrator Moa Sangtam at the launching programme of GPS vehicle tracking system on March 22. (Morung Photo)

Morung Express News

Dimapur | March 22

Commissioner of Police, Dimapur Limasunep Jamir (IPS) today launched a total of 25 Dimapur Municipal Council (DMC) vehicles (dumper and cesspool trucks) equipped with GPS vehicle tracking system.

Limasunep Jamir, speaking at the launching event mentioned that launching of GPS vehicle tracking system is an innovative step to ensure better service to the citizens. He said the system was about managing vehicles which are used for disposal, adding that they are government resources and have to be used effectively.

With the launching, Jamir said it can ensure cost effectiveness, transparency and accountability in the service and hoped that it will improve service delivery mechanism.

Terming technology as a two way process, he said that though the government and the department may come up with various features, citizens should “take advantage and make use of it.”

Stating the importance of having better monitoring system, the Commissioner was optimistic that field officers and supervisor will ensure the right kind of services and be honest in their duty.

With its launch, the Commissioner hoped that they see the light of day as a long term process in order to continue to deliver and serve to their best ability.

DMC administrator Moa Sangtam pointed out the system launch as the first of its kind which has been initiated by the DMC alone.

He said that since the council was not in the position to check the 25 dumpers and cesspool vehicles every day, it felt the need to have a system to check the vehicles in their duty. He maintained that the system was an in-house design which has been launched to check the staff and ensure that citizens are provided with the services that the DMC have been delivering.

He further appealed the citizens to make use of the online services since it has been found that despite the effort to make DMC ‘smart’ and make it more accessible to the citizens, the service have not been utilized to the fullest extent.

Computer programmer Sariyongba B Longkumer presented a power point presentation on the GPS tracking system, benefits of vehicle tracking and key features. He also highlighted that it has been designed for android phones. To make the most out of the system, prior thorough research on different systems is needed in order to ensure a cost effective choice, Longkumer noted and expressed hope that the technology will help to place vehicle fleet management and provide services to citizens around the DMC jurisdiction and Dimapur at large.