Forum appeals Zeliangrong organisations to reconcile

Dimapur, May 19 (MExN): Zeliangrong Inter-Cities Presidents’ Forum has extended support to the decision of All Zeliangrong Students’ Union (AZSU), Assam, Manipur & Nagaland and urged the Zeliangrong Baudi and Zeliangrong Union to reconcile and unite as one at the earliest.


“This is the voice of the Zeliangrong youth and students who strive to unite and move forward as a peaceful society and put an end to all disruptive ideas,” stated a press release from the Forum which comprises of ZSU Bangalore, ZSU Delhi, ZSU Pune, ZSU Guwahati, ZSU Chandigarh, ZSU Shillong, Zeliangrong Welfare Committee Chennai. “No matter what good might have done, we strongly believe that the Zeliangrong would not progress as long as this divisive society exists.”


As stated by AZSU in the press release published recently, the Forum stated, “it is true that it’s creating confusion and disharmony amongst the people. Therefore, in the name of civil society, for how long will this continue?”


Further, the Forum appealed to Zeliangrong Baudi and Zeliangrong Union to put aside all disruptive ideas, thoughts and unite as one at the earliest for the welfare, unity and interest of the Zeliangrong people.