Fostering Change through Krav Maga

Fostering Change through Krav Maga
Khriephrezo (Vibuo) Rutsa

Krav Maga in Nagaland has been slowly but steadfastly growing stronger over the years. Krav Maga or Contact Combat is a military self-defense system developed for the Israeli Defense Forces and security forces by Imi Lichtenfeld in the 1940s.


Nagaland is the first State in Northeast India to get a Krav Maga Training Center. One of the most popular self-defense programs in the world, this hand-to-hand fighting system lays emphasis on staying sharp in real world situations where users learn various defense styles and counter-attacks against physical attacks and weapons.



The man behind this revolution in Nagaland is Krav Maga instructor Khriephrezo (Vibuo) Rutsa. Vibuo is the first certified Krav Maga Instructor in the entire Northeast, and is part of the International Instructors Team member at IUKMF and also the Vice President Board of IUKMF India. He is the Director of International Ultimate Krav Maga Federation (IUKMF), India Chapter, Nagaland.


He began his Martial Arts training during his High School by taking up Taekwondo. He moved on to learn Kick Boxing and is a Black Belt under All Nagaland Kickboxing Council (ANKC), Affiliated to All India Combat Sports Federation (AICSF). But in 2011, he was introduced to Krav Maga and having an avid interest in martial arts and the military, he was soon hooked. He went on to train under Amnon Darsa (Israel), Avshalom Dahan (Israel), Ravid Schimko (Israel) and Vicky Kapoor (India).

With Master Amnon Darsa (IKMF, Israel)


For any newbie, Martial Arts itself is an intimidating craft. But Vibuo explains to us why this art of self defense meant for the streets is efficient and easy to learn. In fact, there are no flashy moves, no unrealistic stuff, just great instruction. He clarified, “People confuse martial artists as violent people but that’s not true. Once you are deeply rooted in any kind of Martial Arts, the first thing you need to learn is to be peaceful. So, when I conduct workshops or when I’m about to start teaching a new class of students, what I first teach them is avoidance, and prevention, not just fighting. Only after they learn how to be peaceful people, I teach them the techniques of self-defense.”

NCS NPS trainees in action


The USP of Krav Maga he pointed out is that it is designed for everybody. He stated, “To learn Krav Maga, no skills or physical level are required. It is based on your natural body movements unlike most traditional martial arts which demand a lot. When people YouTube Krav Maga they see techniques like stress drills, aggression drills which are higher level and very intense. I have students from class 5-6 to 50 years old.”

NCS NPS probationers in action


Vibuo’s passion for Krav Maga goes beyond techniques and instruction. He has a vision to create awareness and popularize the system in Nagaland and entire Northeast. He feels that everyone needs to learn to protect and defend themselves which is a very urgent need especially in today’s modern world. He stated, “Self defense is a necessity. People think that it’s secondary but in today’s world it’s absolutely necessary. It’s better to be prepared and not use it than to face a situation and not know what to do.”

Instructors with Amnon Darsa IKMF Israel


Krav Maga offers a variety of classes and programs for Military, Law Enforcement, Civilian, Corporate, Women and Children. Currently his focus has been on “Civilian Krav Maga” to train to help civilians protect themselves. Another plan is also to introduce Krav Maga in all the educational institutions and teach basic lessons on the art. Kids Krav Maga is very popular worldwide. Last year, they added a new course for handicapped people and as Vibuo reasons, “Everyone is vulnerable to attacks anywhere at any time.”

1st NCS batch KM training


He also opined that the Nagaland Law Enforcement should be enabled to learn Krav Maga as Law Enforcement agencies in other parts of India and the rest of the world has included this system in their training. In fact, Nagaland is one of the few states where the police forces are not trained in Krav Maga. He recently underwent tactical shooting course to prepare himself, stating, “I’m still learning and I want to learn more.”



To young Nagas, he offers this piece of advice: “We need serious dedication to learn any Martial Arts. Likewise, it is important to have dedication in whatever field you choose- be it Government jobs or Entrepreneurship. If you possess true dedication you will surely succeed in everything.”


For those interested, Vibuo teaches Krav Maga at the IUKMF Center, Don Bosco Colony, Kohima. He also conducts weekly classes in Dimapur at The Combat Academy, Half Nagarjan on Fridays and Saturdays, and periodically holds classes and seminars all over Northeast and the rest of India. To know more, check these websites- and


In interviewing Vibuo about the philosophy of Krav Maga, it is apparent that whether one is interested in martial arts of not, the positive principles of Krav Maga can be applied to any area of life. He has also been an inspiration and positive catalyst to others through his personal coaching.