From an Angry Survivor to Stones and Rocks

Let us not talk of a Government in Nagaland. Government does not exists, only stones and rocks lay dead with hangovers, and over pocketed bellies. Citizens, are we idiots? Oh, yes, we are. “outwardly classy but idiots”, and “Everybody have the answers but are total idiots”.


Think! The doubt is, will idiots think? Read! I doubt! Can idiots read? See! Can idiots really see? Act! Can idiots really wipe their own? If you do not understand, I mean, “Can idiots wipe their own ass?”


How about the following:

• Classy parents (I mean only in pretends), advise your young ones sitting in your car to throw out all the plastic bottles, wrappers, including coconut shell, outside the window. After all, the roads are not your living room. Dirty and litter Nagaland as much as you can. If throwing empty coconut shell hits some ones care wind shell, beat the poor victim on the spot and fine the person or the whole family and if not, hand them over to the national heroes, who can’t spell their names.

• Please chew pan as much as you can and spit inside the restaurant carpets, office hall ways, and not forgetting the toilets.

• People of different communities, please urinate in public places, especially in front of women and children. After all this is Hindustan. Oh, do not forget to scratch your crotch in public places, especially by the honorable gun trotting friends of the hill and the mentally de-reigned brass stars.

• If you are driving, of course, without knowing any rules, only to steer, just keep on driving unto the main roads, without stopping or looking either left or right. If a right away motorist is hit by your “koshi koshi” driving, never mind, you are not at fault, pull the innocent driver from the car, in front of his wife and children and beat him up black and blue. After all, article 371 A is in place.

• Do you, idiots, know that article 371 A supports the following? Building latrines on someone’s land? Do you not know that one can dig national highways, looking for rotten pies? Do you not know that if your chicken is run over by a motorist, in a public high ways, you can burn that car and stone the driver to slow dead? Do you not know that if you take a taxi, you do not have to pay the taxi driver because you have article 371A? The benefits are more, just take full advantage.

• Do you not know that people of Dobhinalla and Army supply Raod, Dimapur, suffered years of inhaling dusts, rated shops painted naturally by dust and mud? Finally the strip was build with “German technology.” Please do not bother at all, at the small potholes already seen. There is no need for the community, especially the shop owners and the business community to do something immediately, before the small potholes become a fishing pond. Please do not worry, soon “we will driving in a river of rocks.” How we yearn for the past glory of dust and mud.

• Idiots, do you not know that if you are riding a motorbike, you can talk in your mobile in style, with your head touching your shoulder? It looks cool! Even if you cannot hear, pretend that you can hear. Oh, you are also allowed to be rule-less. You can ride as fast as you want, either on the left side or right side. If you are lucky to survive after hitting a car, just get up and say, “leo-ra” (the Naga pronunciation), and the motorist is a stranger to you, just fine him or her, not in thousands but in lakhs, if you are not successful, you can hire your whole tribes men and smash buildings and burn them down.

• All idiots, do you know that while you are driving, you can stop right in the middle of the road and carry on a conversation with your villager, who is also driving a car? It is alright to block all the traffics. After all you are practicing Article 371A.

An angry survivor, Mel Naga