A game of willow and wind

Rev L Suohie Mhasi

The slender pliant branches of the willow swing forth and back as they are blown by strong wind and in spite of it the branches remain the same as before. A dead fish is carried by water current and it goes along the current, but the living fish swims and dashes any where it chooses to go.


The NPF Party has been in tussle for several years. Dr. Shürhozelie Liezietsu being the President of the party and once the C.M. has faced the brunt of the crisis. Defection after defection of the M.L.A S reduced his supporters to minority. But he did not lose sight of winnig in the long run and stood firm by holding fast the By-laws and Rules of the Party knowing that the truth prevails. To many Speculators, it was a mockery for a minority against the majority but he is the winner in the episode of the Party. So he is proved to be a living fish and man of principle. This is a noble example set before generations. All elected members should be living fish instead of dead fish.