GASTRONICLES: The chicken at the other side of the road

GASTRONICLES: The chicken at the other side of the road

Assuaging myself with the self-acceptance that I would and could never be a paragon of health and fitness, yet again I started on my quest to fill up the remaining space left in my tummy after a hearty lunch. I had actually set out for an unusual craving for dessert (Baskin Robbins’ Almond Praline to be precise) but sometimes the best plans tend to take a detour. I ended up at Jaiswal Rice Hotel, a busy Indian Food joint along Midland near Sewak. It was more out of curiosity that I popped in (for future reference absolutely) but the wonderful aroma of food beckoned me so strongly that I couldn’t turn my back on it. It was jam-packed, which was a good sign I suppose?

Whilst waiting for a table to free up, I perused the menu. Pretty simple fare. Chicken, mutton and fish along with the regular rice and accompaniments of fried potato, green chutney, papad and dal. Oh, there was a small portion of potato chutney as well. Placed my order of chicken and mutton thali. Before you judge, I was with a friend. Hence the extra thali. Not that I wasn’t going to snatch a piece at least of my friend’s food order.

I mean, I wasn’t even hungry in the first place. But boy oh boy, the meal was worth the guilt of gluttony (not to mention the ‘I can’t move because I ate too much’ predicament) that I was probably going to undergo later. All that be damned as I threw caution to the wind and dug in my plate of tender pieces of chicken glistening in finely cooked masalas and the piping hot rice was a like the cherry on top. I’m telling you folks, thoroughly simmered masala adds a different quality to the meat and enhances the overall taste. I know most know this. But I’m just letting it out there in case some of you decide to invite me over for a meal (a sheepish smile here).

So, as I sunk my teeth in with full fervor and my hands moving fluidly over the plate of delectable dishes before my vision, I forgot that I was already full, having had my lunch earlier. I ventured towards my friend’s plate, my target being the mutton. I’m not much of a fan of this meat but on this day, it just looked too good to give it a pass. Oh this sweetness on God’s green earth! It melted right in my mouth. Wonderfully amalgamated in the spices, I could taste the talent of the chef through this creation. I was snapped out of my reverie when I saw my friend’s hand slithering towards my chicken. Not one to lose my first love over momentary lust, I reclaimed my territory and refocused my attention on my friend the chicken.

Dear all, yours truly is proud to admit that she did not leave a single piece to be engulfed by the consuming darkness of the waste bin. Nor did her companion leave a single trace on his plate. The plates were wiped clean. If only for hygiene purpose, they could have been kept back in the rack as good as washed.

Shelling out 370 bucks for a meal for two was a total steal. Considering the taste, I wouldn’t have minded paying more. Oh by the way, a stomach-felt thank you to my food companion for footing the bill.

This experience was absolutely worth going over to the chicken’s other side of the road.

Let’s see where my gastronomic yens take me next time. Until then, keep eating!