‘GBs an integral part of Naga identity’

‘GBs an integral part of Naga identity’

Morung Express News
Chessore | January 28


Parliamentary Secretary for Municipal Affairs, and Economics & Statistics, R Tohanba, said ‘gaonburas’ (GBs) are an “integral and indispensable” component of the unique identity and history of the Nagaland people.


The Parliamentary Secretary said the role of GBs assumes greater significance in the light of Article 371 (A) of the Indian Constitution, which gives special provision to the State of Nagaland in respect of religious or social practices, Naga customary law and procedure and administration of civil and criminal justice involving decisions according to Naga customary law.


“Nagaland is unique not only because of its colourful tribes and their rich cultural heritage but also because of institutions like the GB-ship”, Tohanba said in his address as chief guest of the inaugural ceremony of the silver jubilee celebration of GB’s Union Chessore Area held at Chessore town public ground on Wednesday.


He said GBs being the custodian of the customary laws and practices, which also implies safeguarding the inherent rights the Naga people, GBs should follow the principle of natural justice and deliver justice without fear or favour.
Tohanba said unlike the Indian judiciary system, delivery of justice by Naga customary courts is quick, cheap and accessible by one and all. He however lamented that in recent times, there has been a decrease in the number of appeals and cases in Naga customary and village courts.


“But as long as the GBs keep their integrity intact and deliver justices without bias, the institution of GB-ship will flourish even in the days to come”, he said and added that as the name suggests “gaonburas” should exhibit maturity, wisdom and have in-depth knowledge of Naga traditions and customs.


The Parliamentary Secretary also said GBs and village councils being the grassroot representatives of the Government, it is their bounden duty to act as a bridge between the people and government.


“As much as the government desire for a peace to reign in Nagaland, this GBs union comprising of 13 villages and Chessore town, should also contribute towards bringing an environment where each one of us can co-exist in peace and harmony”, Tohanba said.


The Parliamentary Secretary further expressed optimism that with the signing of the Framework Agreement  between the Government of India and NSCN (IM), Nagas would experience a new dawn of peace and prosperity.
SDO (C) Chessore, K Furhesie; President Yimchungrü Tribal Council, Z Keozih and President Yimchungrü GB’s Union also addressed the jubilee celebration. NPF central Vice President, Lepshi Ao, accompanied the Parliamentary Secretary.


Earlier, President GB’s Union Chessore Area, Neoji Yim, delivered the welcome address and Chairman, jubilee planning committee, Shokum, proposed vote of thanks. Troupes from Shipwonger village, Huker village, Chessore village and Sholünberü Culture Club presented cultural dances and songs.