All geared up for 2018 general election: Shürhozelie

Mon, September 13 (MExN): NPF president Dr. Shürhozelie Liezietsu today declared that the Naga People’s Front (NPF) is all geared up to bring out its 2018 general election manifestos soon. He was addressing NPF workers and leaders at the NPF Mon Division Rally here at the Council Hall.


Stating that the party will very soon study how best to go about selecting its candidates, he added the party has no time to argue with the dissident MLAs who have been either expelled or suspended from the party.


A press release from Media & Press Bureau, NPF Central HQ further informed that the NPF president said the party will focus more on the young and capable leaders as party candidates and will also concentrate on capable women as its candidates in the coming general elections. “The NPF party can never afford to include corrupted, habitual defectors and dishonest leaders to represent the party,” Dr. Shürhozelie reiterated.


Calling upon the party rank and file to stand firm on their principles and party’s ideologies, he urged the party workers “not to be carried away by the false propagandas as the truth will prevail.”


On the prospects of the 37 dissident legislators, Dr. Shürhozelie said the NPF will not issue them party tickets. He also accused “wrong leaders” of “spreading wrongful rumours and propagandas specially to the Eastern Naga people during the time of crisis just for their mere political power.”


The DAN Chairman and NPF legislature party leader, MLA Khüzholuzo Nienu (Azo) in his address expressed happiness with the party workers for maintaining their principles and integrity towards the party, but “rued against the habitual defectors among the MLAs who were never loyal to the party to which the people gave them their mandate,” the press release said. He stated the court will soon give its verdict regarding the chief whip issue but the party’s main concern now is to focus on the coming general election. He asserted that the NPF will come out as the single largest party in the 2018 election and form the DAN government once again.


NPF Working President, Huskha Yepthomi called upon the gathering that “leaders of the party should be a leader of the party and not a leader for the MLAs.” He also termed the dissident MLAs as having “sold the public mandate given to them to TR Zeliang” and said that they have no right to come back again to seek the people’s mandate in future.


Meanwhile, MLA Tohanba claimed that the Eastern Nagaland people were made scapegoat as at wrong time prestigious posts were offered, citing the example of Noke being appointed by the dissident camp as NPF president in 2015, Chingwang Konyak as president of DPP.


Another MLA from Eastern Nagaland, P Longon lamented that whenever there is a crisis, false rumours were fed to the Eastern Nagas to confuse them. However, he expressed lies can never conquer the truth and called upon the party workers to remain steadfast.