‘Genuine, realistic E-Roll most important for clean elections’

Longleng, October 18 (DIPR): Election Observer, K I Yanger, IAS visited Longleng district on October 18 and held coordination meeting with the Supervisors and BLOs at the DC’s conference hall.


Asserting that preparation of genuine and realistic E-Roll will be one of the most important factor for conducting clean elections in Longleng district in particular and the state of the Nagaland in general the Observer, K I Yanger appealed to the Supervisors and the BLOs to have the ownership of the E-Roll and to work with dedication and sincerity for realistic E-Roll in the district. The Supervisors and the BLOs are assigned with big responsibility and they are the key persons in the grass root level to ascertain and identify between the genuine and the proxy voters for clean E-Roll, he added.


Teachers comprise 90%
of Supervisors and BLOs
Yanger also pointed out that 90% of the Supervisors and BLOs are comprised of teachers from Education department who are well qualified to handle the task and at the same time to educate the public besides imparting quality education to the students in the class rooms. He was optimistic that every BLO would understand their big responsibility and the E-Roll was maintaining as per the guidelines and directions of the ECI.


He further advised the supervisors and the BLOs to seek the advised of the DEO & AEO for any queries and grievances and urged them to have a good team work for genuine E-Roll and maintain that practice of any discrepancies by the supervisors and BLOs will be known by the authority.


The Deputy Commissioner, Longleng, Y. Denngan Avennoho Phom stressed on double entry, under age, death and proxy voters for clean E-Roll in the district. He also informed that Addhaar centre has been set up in the DC office for corrections and new enrolment.


The ADC HQ Temsuwati while clarifying to the queries raised by the BLOs said that all forms submission should be rooted through the supervisors who would rectify again for genuine of the voters. For any abnormal E/roll the supervisors and the BLOs shall be held responsible and they will be asked by the authority to clarify the reason thereof, he added.


The meeting was attended by the Supervisors and BLOs of the 49 Tamlu A/C and 50 Longleng A/C.