GHSS Wokha is now ‘No Plastic Zone’

GHSS Wokha is now ‘No Plastic Zone’
Section of the staff and students attending the declaration of ‘No Plastic Zone’ within GHSS, Wokha premises on June 5.


Government Hr. Sec School, Wokha declared ‘No Plastic Zone’ within its premises on June 5, on the occasion of World Environment Day.


It was stated in a press release that the Vice Principal R. Mhonbeni Ezung, while delivering keynote address said that the world has experienced negative impacts due to the constant increase in global warming and the pollution. She emphasized on the importance of planting more trees so as to avoid the rage of the nature and to recreate cordial atmosphere to live a life of healthy for the present and the future generation to come. She concluded by stating that we should observe the day and not to celebrate the occasion bearing in mind the consequences we face owing to our failure in protecting the nature and the environment we live in.


Sr. Principal Vungthungo while declaring ‘No plastic Zone’ within the school premises stressed on the effects of plastic pollution. He said that the more awareness should be created among the students and the people do discourage usage of any plastic materials for commercial and domestic purpose because of its harmful effects, as these could not be recycled and add to the pollution which makes it hard for the people to live a healthy life. He stressed on the staffs and the students not to use any plastic within its school zone and warned of stern action not complying with the order.


The programme was chaired by Zanbeni and vote of thanks delivered by Wonthungbeni Ngullie.