Goat Plague & its preventive measures

Goat Plague & its preventive measures

Veterinary Hospital Kohima

Goat plague is a viral disease of goat which is a highly contagious acute fatal disease. It is caused by a Morbilla virusof Paramyxoviridae family.It is also terms as Peste Des Petitis Ruminants (PPR).It results in high morbidity and mortality rate which may approach upto 50-90%. The disease is transmitted by direct contact from one infected goat to other healthy goats or from contaminated faeces, excretion and secretions of diseased goats or mechanical transmission by flies, ticks and rats.

Signs and Symptoms of Goat Plague:

  1. Loss of appetite, high fever, dull body coat
  2. Nasal discharge with sneezing
  3. Skin nodules around muzzle
  4. Discharge from eyes and nose
  5. Rapid respiration
  6. Abortion in pregnant goat
  7. Profuse diarrhoea, dehydration and emaciation

Some Steps to Control and Prevent Goat Plague:

  1. Daily cleaning and disinfection of the goat shed and it should be kept clean and dry
  2. Well-fedbalanced nutritious diet
  3. Any sick /diseased goat should be isolated from the healthy herds
  4. At least for a week newly purchased stock should be kept separated from the old stock
  5. Proper disposal of dead diseased goat, faeces and other waste products
  6. Yearly vaccination of goat above 4 month of age with Goat Plague Vaccine
  7. Regular deworming of goat with right anthelmintic and proper dosage.