Are we going back to Old Testament time allowing only a profession to serve the Lord?

Dr.Kevesiei Chakhesang

Church and politics are inseparable as much as soul and spirit are inseparable in a body of a man. Moses was a politician and Priest as well, Samuel, Eli etc. were Priests and Judges/Kings .American President Trump conducts weekly Bible studies, Zambia President prays and cries, preaches to his people and ministers . We need spiritual ARE leaderships in all authorities/Govt.


Melchizedek was king of Salem and priest(Genesis 14:18);the kingdoms under the whole heaven will be handed over to the saints of Most High God(Daniel 7:27);the kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of God(Rev.11:15);to pray for His kingdom to come on earth as it is in heaven(Mat 6;10);you are chosen people, royal priesthood(1Peter2:9):-sitting on any chair of professions and serving the Lord unlike in the Old Testament(OT) time. In OT time only a profession(Pharisees, Levites) was allowed to serve the Lord- but when Jesus came, His calling was for every one or every professions to serve Him .


His disciples were:- Peter and John were fishermen, Joseph was a Jew Council member in Synagogue (Legislative Assembly),Simon Zealot was National worker fighting for Independence from Roman Empire , Mathew was tax collector(Govt. servant), Luke-medical doctor, Mark-businessman, Paul was theologian(OT time) etc. Are we going back to OT time allowing only a profession (theologian) to serve Him against the commands of our Lord Jesus Christ? He is calling everyone to go and make disciples of all Nations(Mathew 28:19).


We cannot keep one’s soul at home nor keeping one’s spirit at home to go out for election or church works . Body, Soul and Spirit are intact to one another as long as one is alive. Spirit consists of conscience, intuition and fellowship while Soul consists of mind, will and emotion or in other words the intellect, thought, ideas, love, emotion, discernment ,choice, decision etc are experiences of the soul. Before man committed sin, the power of the soul was completely under the dominion of the spirit . A man whether in politics or in church works, both soul and spirit are within him and so as for born again or godly man need to put the functions of soul under the dominion ship of the spirit as purposed by God when He created man and woman. God desires that the soul is made healthy and sound again by spirit being born again and so God sent His only begotten son, Jesus not to condemn the world but to save human souls .


The value of a soul is much more than all the values of gold , silver, diamond etc. of the whole world(Mathew 16:26). However, the money is spent more for the church building construction works or other physical developmental works and not for soul winning works.


Bible speaks against hiring shepherds(salaried workers) because he owns no sheep he runs away when he sees wolf coming (John 10:12). But the Bible also tells us that no soldier serves at his own expense (1 Cori 9:7) yet Paul never used the right but worked for the Lord at his own expenses(1Cori 9:12).We are yet to see Paul’s trend of running the ministries(tent making).The gap of salaried worker and tent making is becoming too wide that sending of 10000 missionaries as covenanted is doubtful as the Pastors at homes(local churches) are reported to be demanding higher pays without bringing any souls to Christ .The salaried Pastor has family and school going-children needs to preach to please the people rather than God to avoid his service being discharged by the Deacon Board of the Church. Bible insists us to have tent making business as to preach boldly to the church to please God alone.


As for other issue of clean election, the Christian states like Mizoram, Meghalaya, Nagaland should field the candidates who are okayed by the Church. Knowingly voting for the immoral candidates are directly partaking their sins. We are so much against the present ministers, MLAs etc but they are the reflection of the heart of our church of Nagaland. Even the persons who are against the present leadership were to put on their seats may behave worst because their hearts are not changed. The heart is the most deceitful above all things(Jer.17:9)and so needing the power of Holy Spirit to change the heart or godly man and woman are to be fielded by the church.


The Pastor/Rev/Evangelist/theologians etc. may also fight elections as much as everyone/every professions is called to serve the Lord . In order to avoid being partakers of their sins, the Church may arise to boldly condemn or support the candidatures for Legislatures /MLA etc.