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Government of Nagaland kindly lift prohibition

Peter Rutsa: Even partial or temporary will do.


Have some self respect and please don't let the paramilitary force Assam Rifles continue to show the whole world yours and our Naga hypocrisy.


In the last weeks of December till January, a little short of 10 truckloads of assorted liquor has gotten seized by the friends of the hill people. Even so there hasn't been an acute shortage of liquor during Christmas and New Year.


What does that mean?


It means those are just the tip of the iceberg!


If 10 truckloads were seized by Assam rifles, 20 loads originating from Dimapur got through the various inter district check gates after paying police and excise illegal safe passage money. 20 truckloads that do not include those which were transported through smaller passenger vehicles to be sold in our very open black market.


Lift prohibition before elections Nagaland Legislative Assembly. You guys will be needing it the most with approaching general elections.


No point in letting the legislators getting caught again with alcohol in their official motorcades.


No point in letting the PS and PAs of the legislators visiting police stations to get seized consignments of alcohol realized. Seized alcohol or alcohol surrendered by Assam Rifles some of which magically disappear overnight at police stations and some excise offices only to reappear in the very open black market.


Bendang Ozukum: Though not broadcasted, due to the various challenges faced from different quarters of the enclosure that we live in, I did spot interviews (for All India Radio) with people, passer-by(s), intellects, politicians.....and the list goes on..... About their opinions on NLTP Act - nobody wants it. Then who are executing this Act? We all know it very well. Let's not keep shut.


Akho Rhakho: Because of this prohibition, we are fed with adulterated liquor which is killing us every day. Guess the NBCC wants to eliminate us all from the face of the Earth. Lift prohibition and I guarantee the scenario of alcoholism will change for better. Till then let's all drink responsibly.


Chipen Patt: The church and NMA might be a hindrance in lifting and they might go for strikes and bandhs but it totally depends on the government to lift prohibition. Once it is lifted they won't be able to do anything so why is the government so scared?? Revenue in terms of Crores and Crores are being lost in a month which can be used for developmental purposes. Instead all these money goes into Assam and into the hands of bootleggers and syndicates. It’s high time our government lift this prohibition act.


Ichu Iralu: Wondering what inspired the church to have voice in the law making. Had it been a successful one it is understandable and even if it failed and realised than that too is understandable but why do they have to be too adamant. The ACT of prohibition has become a joke as everyone can see. Prohibiting would never make us a better Christian nor a superior denomination.


Viki Chishi: Liquor is Satan as per the concept of blind faith churches in our state. They say ban the Satan in Nagaland. Let's says Assam Rifles seized 10 loads of Satan prior to New Year and our churches seized Satan is just a phone call away at black market.


Heirang Lungalang: In our dry State the bootleggers are flourishing, so the NLTP Act is indirectly boosting their business. Legalise it and the State will gain three pronged - 1. Rule of law is enforced (license); 2. State gets its due share of revenue; 3. Spurious drinks checked.


Corruption and Election in Nagaland

Mughavi Zhimo: We Nagas are blaming politicians for the sorry state of our beloved state but overlooking the rampant and open corruption by many officers (apology to the clean and sincere ones who usually face taunt of the society and even families). If our officers and planners have been sincere, even our political class will not be able to indulge in corruption unhindered.


As election 2018 nears, many retired or voluntarily retired bureaucrats are expected to join the melee hoping to continue their hold over the state coffers. Election in Nagaland is a very costly affair and it is believed that average expense for each candidate will not be less than 10-15 crore so we know where that money will be coming from.


Do we elect politicians who understand the pulse of the common man struggling to put food on his family table, educate his children etc or fall into the lure of money to sell our vote to strengthen the political/bureaucratic nexus.