Governor inaugurates Raj Bhavan Health Centre

Governor inaugurates Raj Bhavan Health Centre

Kohima, March 20 (DIPR): Governor of Nagaland, PB Acharya inaugurated the Raj Bhavan Health Centre at Raj Bhavan, Kohima on March 20. Addressing the gathering, the Governor thanked the Minister Health and Family Welfare and the officers and staff of the Department for their prompt action in setting up the Health Centre at Raj Bhavan.


Acharya stated that most Raj Bhavans in the country have a full-fledged Health Centre, which not only caters to the need of the Staff of Raj Bhavan but also to nearby localities and expressed his desire that the newly inaugurated Raj Bhavan Health Centre at Kohima should also follow the same example. The Governor also made the point that the doctor on duty should be regular and should serve that people with dedication.


Commissioner& Secretary to Governor, Piyush Goyal, IAS appreciated the Officers and Staff of Raj Bavan and the Department of Health & Family Welfare who worked hard to make the Raj Bavan Health Centre possible. He said that it took less than a week, from the meeting on March 14, 2017 where the decision was taken to set up the Health Centre and stated that it was the kind of speed the State needs to get work done.


Goyal explained that the Doctor will be visiting the Health Centre twice a week initially and will be equipped with the basic medical facilities and medicines.


Minister, Health & Family Welfare, P Longon graced the occasion. Commissioner & Secretary, H&FW, Abhijit Sinha, IAS and officers and staffs of the Department of H&FW led by Principal Director, Dr. Watikala Wsere also present.