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Govt approves emergency purchase of new 100MVa transformer for Dmr

• 20MVa transformer to operate from today
• Kohima to get new 24MVa transformer soon


DIMAPUR, DECEMBER 12 (MExN): The Department of Power, Nagaland may soon have a new set of transformers for Kohima and Dimapur which would hopefully ease the constant load shedding.


Apart from the new 20 Mega volt ampere (MVa) transformer at Nagarjan sub-station which the department through its Commissioner & Secretary (Power) KD Vizo, on Tuesday said, would be put to operation from December 13 onwards, the department is also getting ready to commission another new 24MVa transformer at Kohima.
Once put on circuit, the load in the State Capital would be fully taken care of, the department in a press release assured.


Further, the department has expressed gratitude to the Nagaland Government for giving approval for emergency purchase of one new 100MVa transformer to be installed at Nagarjan sub-station as a permanent solution to power problem at Dimapur.


The power engineers are on the job to finalise the purchase of this very important 100MVa transformer and all out effort will be given to install and commission the equipment in the shortest possible time, it stated.


On the expectant current scenario in Dimapur, the department informed that some portion of the earlier Nagarjan sub-station load has also been shifted to 20MVa Sovima sub-station. With this arrangement, Metha Colony in Dimapur will be having about 20MVa load allocation and other parts of Dimapur will be getting almost the same capacity that was prevailing before the unfortunate fire incident.


Meanwhile, the department has informed the general citizens that most of the small distribution transformers (DTs) across the State are also overloaded due to use of non-efficient ordinary bulbs and other non-economical practices particularly during the festive season.


It has therefore urged all the “rich consumers across the State to kindly use power efficient compact fluorescent lamp(CFL) and Light Emitting Diode(LED) bulbs so that even poor people may be in a position to have at least a bulb glowing in their homes.”