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‘Govt should not misuse disability and old age pensions’


Grace sharing testimony of rejections and struggles, of coming to terms with her disability and focussing on ability and finding purpose in life. 


Niuland, December 3 (MExN): “Disability and old age pensions should not be misused or misappropriated by the Government, even if they indulge in corruption in other areas,” appealed Bohoto Aye, speaking on behalf of Parents of Persons with Disability at a World Disability Day commemoration at Niuland, Dimapur.

A press release informed that the event was organised by Federation of Niuland Block Disabled People Org and supported by Seitheke Basa Baptist Church, Youth Department and Prodigals’ Home Dimapur today at ADC Conference Hall, Niuland.

Maong Jamir, Assistant Director of Prodigals’ Home was the key speaker where he shared about the scenario of Persons with Disability/ies (PwDs) in Niuland and also the prevailing general scenario of issues confronting PwDs in Nagaland. He lamented that the scenario is grim and that there is so much awareness and sensitization needed to change our mind-set and move towards inclusiveness and accessibility for PwDs. Besides other issues, He briefly shared how Prodigals’ Home started intervening in Niuland through Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) Program in Niuland; more than 300 PwDs have been identified till date from 25 villages in Niuland. 

K. Ela, Director also briefly shared her concerns for PwDs and how we still need to do so much both individually and collectively. In her brief sharing she specially stressed on two points, to always address a PwD with their name and not their Disability; to look for ability in every individual, disabled or non-disable, rather than their disability by citing some instances. 

Bohoto Aye whilst appealing to the Government also lamented that Nagaland being a Christian State, rather than being a model State has so much to learn even from neighbouring states, especially in the area of dealing with PwDs. He especially urged the Churches to invest more towards working for PwDs while praising and equating NGOs working for PwDs as missionary work. 

Kheholi Zhimo, speaking on behalf of PwDs in Niuland, thanked Prodigals’ Home for their work towards uplifting the PwDs by linking them to services and creating more awareness about the issue of PwDs. 

 Grace, a visually impaired also shared her testimony of rejections and struggles, of coming to terms with her disability and focussing on her ability and finding purpose in her life. She appealed parents and guardians of PwDs not to hide their disabled child from the society but to lend support towards their empowerment.

Welcome speech was presented by Hokato Chophy, President, BDPO, Niuland, Invocation by K Pukaho Swu, Pastor, Sukhato Baptist Church, Song presentation by Youth Department, Seitheka Basa Baptist Church, Vote of thanks by Mr. Avito Yeptho, Gen. Secy, BDPO, Niuland and benediction by Shikheni Yepthomi, Key holder, BDPO, Niuland. The gathering was also enthralled by performances of song, beat boxing and martial arts demonstration by some of the PwDs.


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