GPS Phangsang in need of repair

GPS Phangsang in need of repair
The Govt. Primary School in Phangsang, seen here, that is in need of repair according to the Community Education Committee of the village. (Photo courtesy: CEC Phangsang)


Mokokchung, December 8 (MExN): The Community Education Committee (CEC), Phangsang under Chuchuyimlang EAC Circle, has requested the Nagaland State Education Department to repair and renovate the Phangsang Government Primary School (GPS) building during the holiday season. “The school building is in a dilapidated condition without any renovation for the past many years. The students and the teachers have to undergo a lot of hardships throughout the academic year because of the ramshackle school building,” noted Temjenmangyang Jamir, Secretary of CEC, Phangsang, in a press release today. During summer, the CEC Phangsang informed, “rainwater leaks through the roof and also through the holes in the decaying bamboo walls and flood the classrooms and the teachers’ common room; during winter, the cool air and the outside noisy makes it is very inconvenient for teaching and learning process.”


It may be noted that the GPS, Phangsang was merged with Government High School, Phangsang vide order NO.ED/STAT/32/Rationalization/2016.


“However the present Government High School building does not have the capacity or enough classrooms to accommodate all the students i.e. the students of the primary students and secondary students,” the CEC Phangsang stated.


It also pointed out that “Govt. High School, Phangsang is the only government high school in the area catering to the students of four villages and one town. It is the only hope for many students in the area seeking education. Likewise, GPS, Phangsang also has a reasonable enrolment with students coming from the neighbouring villages too.”


Asking the authorities to look into the matter, the CEC hoped that the children of the region can “enjoy their schooling inside well-furnished classrooms which is the right of school children in the state.”