Hornbill festival: Great but…, say tourists

Hornbill festival: Great but…, say tourists
Section of tourists at Hornbill Festival on December 9 at Kisama. (Morung Photo)


Indrani Ghosh from Kolkota expressed her admiration about the colorful atmosphere of Hornbill festival, commenting it “great to be part of the festival.”


However, she stated “it would be good if the road between Dimapur to Kohima is improved since it is the main road connecting Nagaland to the mainland.”


Susmita Ghosh, Kolkata said “Wonderful experience. Very warm people. It was a life time experience.”


Rajat from Udaipur commented that he enjoyed local beer, adding that the food served was also awesome.


“Looking forward to visit next year 2019,” he commented.


“Beautifully organized. God bless land of Nagaland,” said Anand Singh.


“I am really impressed with the festival,” another tourist commended. “Very amazing,” commented a tourist from Canada.

(Morung Express News)