The Greensight Project garners support of ‘Green Theology’

The Greensight Project garners support of ‘Green Theology’

Morung Express News
Mokokchung | July 7


In its continued effort to realize the dream of a “beautiful village,” volunteers of The Greensight Project undertook an aftercare exercise of roadside tree plantations along the Mopungchuket-Milak road today, covering a distance of 6 kilometers where weeding, mulching and staking of tree saplings planted last season were done. The Greensight Project is a 5-year “scenic enhancement programme” of Mopungchuket village under Mokokchung district initiated by the Mopungchuket students’ union (MALT) launched last year.


The Greensight Project volunteers were assisted by the Mopungchuket Theological Fellowship (MTF) who sponsored the day’s refreshment and assisting in the volunteers’ conveyance as well as lending physical participation in the aftercare exercise.


President of MTF and Home Evangelist, Lender Jamir said that the182-member strong MTF had in its conference resolved to support The Greensight Project basing on the Biblical perspective of conservation and stewardship of God’s creation and contextual “green theology.” Pastor of Mopungchuket Baptist Church, Jongpong Jamir also said that the MTF’s participation today was a “token of appreciation” to The Greensight Project and added that MTF would continue to render support in the future too.


The Mopungchuket-Milak road covering a distance of 11 kilometers is one of the “flag ship programmes” of The Greensight Project which the aspiration of developing it into “the best scenic route” in Nagaland.