'Guilty' mother of dead anorexic model Isabelle Caro commits suicide

The mother of Isabelle Caro, the anorexic French model who died last year, has committed suicide. Marie Caro, whose daughter made headlines around the world after a picture of her gaunt naked body appeared in a shocking ad campaign, took her own life earlier this month after being consumed with ‘enormous guilt’.
Isabelle died at the age of 28 in a French hospital on November 17 after she was admitted for severe dehydration. ‘[Marie] felt guilty for having put my daughter in the Bichat Hospital. My daughter did not want to go to that hospital,’ Isabelle’s step-father Christian told Swiss newspaper 20 Minutes.
In a statement released after Isabelle’s death, Mr Caro said that his step-daughter had died ‘from the successive consequences of negligence by the medical staff’. He has since launched a legal complaint against the hospital.
In 2008 Isabelle released an autobiography called The Little Girl Who Didn’t Want to Get Fat in which she wrote that her mother appeared to resent her growing up. The model famously featured in an ad campaign by Italian photographer Oliviero Toscani in 2007 for an Italian fashion house. Under the headline ‘No Anorexia’, images across newspapers and billboards showed her naked, vertebrae and facial bones protruding. At 5ft 4in, she is reported to have weighed just 68lbs at the time.
She said she had suffered from anorexia since she was 13 as the result of a ‘difficult childhood’. At the time of the campaign, she wrote: ‘I’ve hidden myself and covered myself for too long. ‘Now I want to show myself fearlessly, even though I know my body arouses repugnance. I want to recover because I love life and the riches of the universe. I want to show young people how dangerous this illness is.’ The campaign was paid for by Italian clothing company Flash & Partners to publicise a fashion brand for young women called Nolita.