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Hallyu 2.0 draws massive K-pop fans at HMF

(Morung Photos by Manen Aier)


The K-pop musical escapade began with a rousing speech from Imnatiba, Advisor, Labour & Employment, Skill Development & Entrepreneurship.

Speaking at the ongoing Hornbill Music Festival 2019 at Agri Expo, 4th Mile, Dimapur on December 4, he took the gathering back through the annals of musical history with the 50s, 60s and 70s musical artists that held sway over society. Of how the advent of technological creations such as radios, television and the internet made it possible for music to diffuse widely among the general populace. 

He exhorted all to remember that musical freedom has come readily only because of the democratic ideals of Government in Nagaland and South Korea that are now connecting with each other closely due to the Hallyu wave currently sweeping across Nagaland and the rest of the world. 

He expressed hope that the South Korean musicians also remember and be grateful to their democratic government for giving them the freedom to chase after their musical dreams. Music, he said, has tremendous power and influence on the emotions hearts and minds of people; especially so for the Korean artists who are being emulated by youngsters everywhere including Nagaland. So it is their responsibility as artists to propagate the right messages of positivity to their fans and the world.

The opening act of the K-pop night went off with a breath taking display of a perfected song and dance sequence by MustB, the organsier said. The band had an energetic opening with their debut song, “I want you” that had the crowd roused with excitement. This gave way to an individual solo dance and song performances by members of MustB. Finally, it was the turn for the solo act Live Yubin who soon had the fans enthusiastically singing along to his guitar tune.

The night also became one to remember for Live Yubin who had an early birthday celebration with the fans singing the birthday song in Korean for him.

The Naga fans truly showed their appreciation with their knowledge of the songs being performed as they joined the singers. The night ended on a high note with a Hindi song called , Vaste by MustB! For any K-pop fan, it was an immensely ‘experiential’ night.

The ten-day ‘experiential Hornbill Music Festival’ is managed by LiveNow Events.



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