Handmade for you, by Koya

Handmade for you, by Koya
Ajungla Imchen, entrepreneur, who has launched ‘Koya’ a place for all handmade items. (Photo By Yanglem Langti)


Morung Express News
Dimapur | December 9


A private-promotional exhibit and sale was held in Dimapur featuring the launch of ‘Koya.’ The exhibit showcased hand-woven textiles, traditional attires made by women weavers, home furnishing items, embroidered silk stoles and scarves and other products by Naga makers.


Koya is a passion driven venture showcasing the best of handmade items made in Nagaland and other places started by Ajungla Imchen.


‘Koya’ in Japanese means ‘hut.’ Imchen chose this name as her brand features artisans from the villages, who from their huts and homes.


The brand supports local makers and also features established ‘Made in Nagaland’ products from brands like Amonar, Angry Mother, Chuka, and Lem’s. Presently, it also stocks products from Bangladesh and Bengal.


“We want to promote a platform for vendors to create space for interconnectivity so we could come up with something useful and interesting,” she said.


With a Degree in Fine Arts from Shantiniketan, West Bengal, Ajungla understands the need to promote local handmade products very well. She also has work experience in the fashion industry having worked in Delhi and Mumbai.


“There is so much potential here,” she observed, adding that “We don’t see too many local people buy local products.” In fact, it is outsiders who seem much enthused by it, she opined wanting to change that mindset.


The official online store will be launched soon and to find out more about Koya, check out their Instagram handle koya_handmade. For vendors who are interested to market their handmade products, get in touch through a.imchen@koya.world or +91 7085056313.