Hands-on training in flower arrangement

Hands-on training in flower arrangement

As the Aspirational district (Kiphire), the Horticulture department organised hands-on training in flower arrangement on August 10 at Hopongkyu Memorial hall, Kiphire Town.


The programme was organised for basic skills to be developed through their own creativity and utilize their services in many occasion. District Horticulture Officer P. Senkalemba & District Agriculture Officer R. Sangtsu Kithan giving short speeches in the occasion dwelt on the importance of flowers for insects, birds, animals and for the human kind.


District Horticulture Officer, P. Senkalemba in his opening remark encouraged the trainees to make their own vermicompost for flower rearing proposes. They also enlightened the trainees to keep their interest in making flower arrangement which can benefit in income generation for the family.


The Master Trainer, R. Wongtongba Entrepreneur from Kohima imparted his ideas and knowledge to the participants. Young women around fourth to fifty trainees participated in the training.