Have relationship with God

The law of relationship with God is, “KNOW GOD, BELIEVE IN HIM, FEAR HIM AND OBEY HIM.” By keeping the law only, relationship with God is possible; there is no other way.


The world being full of evils is because of lack of relationship with God. If all of the wrongs are to be put right, if the people who are under the bondage of sins are to be delivered and if we will be more than conquerors in our way of journey in this world, all these will be by having relationship with God alone.


The greatest gain for mankind in the world is truly knowing God and doing His will. The greatest loss for mankind is unknowing God and displeasing Him. Nobody gains anything by doing against the will of God. Nobody does the right thing with endurance before God in vain. God rewards according to the deeds.


Relationship with God is the whole thing for mankind. In relationship with God He guides us according to His will and He is with us in all our steps. Such men and women cannot go astray in their lives. (Ps. 37:5; 23)

Since the fate of human life wholly depends on the will of God, the fear of God should be always given most importance with vigilance. Such men and women are in the love and under the power of God and they have peace which the world does not know, security and courage and they are on the unconquerable foundation (Mat. 7:24 – 27). So our lives should be always in relationship with God.

Our loving God,
Give me wisdom and power so that I may live and do whatever thing in such a way of truly knowing you, believing, fearing and obeying you to have relationship with you.

It is believed that one who prays in this manner every day, God will lead him or her to know Him more and more and to walk according to His will.
Rev. L. Suohie Mhasi