Hazare warns govt against doing ‘hanky panky’ with Lokpal bill

BANGALORE, may 27 (PTI): Anti-graft crusader Anna Hazare today warned the government that if it did “something hanky panky” with the Lokpal bill he would again undertake a fast-unto-death. “If the Jan Lokpal bill becomes a law, it will eradicate corruption 60-70%. It will lay the foundation for total eradication of corruption,” he said addressing villagers in Begur village in Bangalore Rural district.
Hazare, who had undertaken an indefinite fast in Delhi to press for anti-graft legislation last month, asked the villagers to be ready for a nationwide protest if Lokpal bill was not implemented. Likening his campaign against corruption to “first aid if one gets hurt”, he said to root out corruption completely it is necessary that right values are inculcated from childhood and this can be done most effecti vely by the womenfolk. Hazare said he had tried his best to realise the dream of Mahatma Gandhi, of eradication of corruption and rural development by developing a model village in his home state of Maharashtra.
“My village which 13 years ago had 40 places where arrack was manufactured now has none. Nobody smokes or even partakes gutka in my village”, he said. Despite leading a spartan life “with no bank balance”, he was healthy and very happy which “many crorepatis do not enjoy”. “I live in a temple, have only a bed to sleep and a plate to eat but I am still very happy and content”, he said.