Heads: Traffic Problems: Law makers turn into Law Breakers

Kevin Yepthomi Naga: Today around noon time, on my way home I was caught in a traffic jam at the smaller lane of the only fly-over in Dimapur. And being stuck there for about an hour, I was somewhat irritated and it got worse when I saw that the cause of the jam was because two police gypsy coming from the wrong side of the traffic and that too in one way route. And so, as irritated as I was, I told them how they can do that when they are the police who should be setting example. One sub-inspector sitting inside the gypsy started threatening me! I wanted to take a photo and upload it but restrained myself from doing so, so that I don’t cause a scene there and worsen the jam. How do you suppose one can bring some sense to Nagaland’s chaotic traffic condition when the ones that are supposed to enforce it are breaking it? Maybe for one day, around 1000 youths come together both at Kohima and Dimapur, help traffic police, assisting, in parking on the right place, right way, drive single line. I bet it will make a difference!

Vikeduo Linyü: Peter Rutsa just told me "The VIP’s are still very disobedient overtaking even when the traffic is flowing smoothly, the parking system is very inconvenient for the public it needs to be modified and he is ready with his camera to capture" he will give update later in the evening.

Alemchujang Walling: As far as I have seen, the worst traffic offenders are the VIP escorts, VIP vehicles and the para-military forces. The way they move and act resembles some Colombian drug lord’s armed convoy. Hooligan stares and abuses from the escort cars are enough to make anyone flush with anger. Red flags and ear drum wrecking whistles during peak hours of traffic are their trademarks. I really wonder at the audacity of VIPS with their half-baked escort crews moving at lightning speed from one place to another and stealing more and more public money. High Class Master Thieves On Fast Wheels.

Andrés M Molièr: A week after I came to Dimapur. I sour my mouth with the supposed to be VIP, his driver and two body guards. In PLAIN WORDS, the driver did not know what is TRAFFIC RULE. And those in Uniforms were not any better, plus the extra weight man seated with dark glasses. The driver parked the car in the middle of the road blocking other cars plying on the road. He was trying to reverse the car, I called out, "Don’t your car have a reverse indicator? It’s an SUV for the love of God." I got off and bang on the window asking the driver for an explanation. They tried to scare me off, but hell I was not going to buy them for any good. I called the big man and said him, "If you forget who you really are. We elected you, which makes you OUR SERVANT. First US and then YOU! Keep that in mind. Besides, you are dealing with a man who is more QUALIFIED and KNOWS the COUNTRY better than YOU." He had nothing to say. It went for almost 10 minutes. I made them Wait and let the me and other cars passed first. NO, we can’t tolerate them any of their nonsense.
Tails: We love AXONE: Naga delicacy on national television

Lily Angali Kez: Most of us will be knowing about this but let me share again 🙂 I was overwhelmed to watch MasterChef India introducing Axone in their menu! The entry of judges was funny since they had their mask on before opening the cover and then they made an intro regarding the flavour and popularity of Axone in Nagaland’s curry. Three continuous episodes were aired on Axone 🙂 I think it made a step for the future generation to open up restaurants in other states saying Naga Dish, just like how we popularly call Chinese dish and Indian dish. But as we look back we can say that our food items, cultures, customs n folklores has come to light among the tourists through Hornbill fest! So hats off to that!

Neisa Bel: Lily why wait for the future generation to introduce our menu in restaurants? We can just open up a small restro with Naga special dishes near metro cinema just beyond our flat, hot spot, hot served, rare menu haha! After all, everyone of us at home are no less than an expert cook. We can do that as a part-time job, that way we can expose our talent in cooking, else and u can try zeliang, rengma, lotha special dishes, Neikhrie and myself will go for Angami, Sema and other specials 🙂

Mheche Mero: Gordon Ramsey has made high praises for the Naga style of cooking. Especially Naga pork. You can check it out in you tube. Our food has gone international.

Zeu Koh: Whoever supplied axoni to the show should publish a public apology to all axoni loving nagas! Axoni in a chocolate cake? That’s Axoni UNDER-RATED! Way to go AXONI. Keep shining wherever you are 🙂

Lawrence: Vikas Khanna, the Amritsar-to-America chef who replaced Akshay in this season of MasterChef India, introduced the alien element to the contestants as “a fantastic ingredient from the most beautiful state of Nagaland; very strong smell but delectable.” The intro came with a caution that generous use of axone could be disastrous while miserly use could result in bland flavour.