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Heidi Baker brings message of HOPE

‘God wants to put dreams and promises for revival in Nagaland, in India and in your heart’


Morung Express Feature

Traveling over a distance of more than 4000 miles from Mozambique (South Africa) to India, Heidi Baker – one of the champions of love and compassion, proclaimed the Gospel with much power and passion once again in the soil of Nagaland. Elevating the confidence of the congregation, the very much humble missionary popularly known as “Mama Heidi”, shared on the “Promise of God.”


The relevant generation
“If God doesn’t touch your generation, the Church is dead. It scares me to see a church full of old people and with no young people. So thank God, you are here! We are alive for such a time as this. You are all meant to shine. This is the greatest time in the history of the planet. We should be the most relevant generation,” she opened her message with this positive note.


To the 600 plus people gathered to attend ‘Worship United’ at the Am¬phitheatre Hall of NEZCC on February 18 last, Mama Heidi said it loud, “God wants to put dreams and promises for revival in Nagaland, in India and in your heart.”


She said that amongst the believers some are ‘Spiritual Orphans’. “They are the one who don’t know who Daddy God is, they don’t dream,” she said.


“Orphans who are thrown in the garbage to die, they don’t dream either, and I know 99% of you have families, but some of you don’t understand who you are. You don’t understand that Daddy God literally created you. Every single human being is created in the image of God to carry His glory here on the earth. And what you can do is only what you can do. Nobody can fulfill your destiny. Nobody can fail your destiny. Only way that we mat¬ter on earth is we connect to Jesus and step into His purposes for our life. So, God literally wants to put destiny in everyone to give their life to glorify God. But if we are miserable about it, miserable church people - they want to be there all by themselves,” she brought in her message.


Putting across the question, “So what happens when joy hits the pas¬tor, the team, the youth, all the kids, and everybody is happy and free to worship God? What happens when that happens?” she concluded saying, “You start expressing yourself.”


She said that many people do not understand their destiny: “But when you do, everything changes. Ask God to show your walk of life with God. God has promises for everybody and they all come through grace and through loving of Jesus Christ, comes grace. God determines, He decides our destiny.”


Get out and Shine

2 Corinthians 1:20 New International Version (NIV): For no matter how many promises God has made, they are “Yes” in Christ. And so through Him the “Amen” is spoken by us to the glory of God.


Going further with the word of God, Mama Heidi said that Jesus is the way to the Father. “You still walk in the planet but it is totally different from knowing Abba. It is totally different from knowing grace. It is totally different from knowing whose you are.” She added that every one of us has a way to glorify God. “But we need to understand what that looks like for us and it is all through Jesus not because you are totally so awesome yourself. But in Jesus you are forgiven, you are free and then you become who you are called to be, but we are still hiding. “Get out of your caves. Stop hiding… Get out and Shine!” she pushed further.


Encouraging all to “stand firm in Christ”, she said that once people under¬stand that they are called by the grace and Daddy loves them, they will be the holiest people to walk on the planet. They will be holy for the sake of love. The unmarried will understand how Daddy feels about them and respect themselves; they will not give away themselves for the sake of another.


Bringing in the image of orphans and orphanages, Mama Heidi asked, “What would you say if you were to meet people who have never met Jesus and are orphans? Why do we call a home where children come to meet the Father an orphanage?” To these questions she said, “There are no orphans or orphanages. Don’t believe in the name. As soon as they come home, they are children of the King. Their identity is no longer an orphan but a son and daughter of the King.”


You are called to yield you

“No one is meant to be an orphan but sometimes believers feel they are growing in an orphanage even when they are in church. They feel like they are a project, to fill a seat instead of someone who is called to connect to the Father and become someone valuable in the Kingdom. They feel they are less than somebody, somehow when all of us are called to shine. As you step into the Kingdom, your mind starts thinking different thoughts,” she said.


Making a very imperative declaration, she said, “The way Holy Ghost flows through you is unique. You are called to yield you. Someone else cannot yield you for God. Every single human being needs to yield themselves for God because He is worthy.”


She also explained why it was important for believers to understand some questions - “What do we do with God who gave Himself to us? What do we do with God who became so humble and gave Himself in humility? What does it mean for you to be possessed by God, what does it look like for you?”


Be the light in the dying world

“Everybody can dream the dreams of God, but there is something about your generation. You are called to shake the world; you are called to be a light in the dying world. All of us are called and only few are called to shine from the pulpit but most of us are called to shine in some other way. It does not make your shining any less important,” she affirmed.


Sharing her encounter with people bounded with starvation and pov¬erty, Mama Heidi said that she has been crying out for years for a cure for AIDS. “I believe that God wants to download a cure for AIDS to some anointed lovers of God who yield themselves to God and the promise of God is in them to carry the very light, the very glory of God to the earth with ideas from heaven. That is what is happening to some of you but you are relegated in the back of the church and the church has told you that your voice doesn’t really matter. You are called to more than just pay your tithes and fill the seats,” she said, instilling hope in the lives of the listeners.


She believed that everybody should know that we are Christians by our love, and we should be the most relevant human beings on planet earth; that the people of God should be the happiest, most loving, most joyful, creative, intelligent and integrate people. “If we are a Christian province, there should be no poor among us. There should be no depression, loneli¬ness, without a job among us, because we are people of faith,” she said.


Advancing with the message of hope, she added, “We need to shine through the intimacy with Jesus; you being connected to Jesus and then connected to each other. When we shine individually and connect with one another, until we look like a light that can be never put out, until people from the other faith run to the light. It is not a religion or ministry for me. Abba Father doesn’t just love you but likes you. He looks at you through the eyes of love, and only believers of Jesus understand Grace… by grace we are saved and adopted.”


“God will give you the peace and you will hold on to it,” she declared in the end note.