High interest loans responsible for failure of State Assembly

K. Therie
President, NPCC

High interest loans are responsible for the deaf and dumb attitude of the State Assembly, to the calls of our people. Even Question Hour has no questions while the Assembly assembles for 15 minutes. Corruption has ruined Nagaland. They know better what we all know and suffer. People now worship corrupt money and not God. There is no fear of the voters’ voice. The greater concern is election debt. Their priority is high interest debt.


Many candidates who have failed have lost their properties including their own residences. Still, people would insist that they should arrange the money and compete with the looters. There is no mercy. Candidates are harmless prey. Debt is responsible for the present deplorable life and situation.


My humble advice to the candidates in the coming General Election is that, do not borrow on high interest and lose your properties. It has brought unforgettable, unbearable pain and death. Many of the candidates’ families continue to live with unrecoverable injuries from election debts.


We are working to provide a welfare government for all. It has nothing to do with personal gain. Ministers are servants and not masters. MLAs are to represent peoples’ voice not their personal voice. Congress will offer the best solution to change the present situation, give hope for a better future, provide protection and deliver justice and equality. Congress will deliver the goods to the people and do right to all manners of people without fear or favour, if voted to power. If not, be in peace and do not be a slave of debt.