High schools girls taught on menstrual care

High schools girls taught on menstrual care

Mokokchung, March 7 (MExN): Dr. Temsumenla Longkumer from IMDH, Mokokchung today pointed out that about 80% of women experience premenstrual symptoms like acne, breast tenderness, bloating, tiredness, irritability, and mood swings due to the hormonal changes.


She was speaking at an awareness programme on menstrual cycle of girl child at Mangyangnokcha Government Higher Secondary School, Mokokchung.


The doctor advised the female high school students to avoid salt, caffeine, alcohol and maintain healthy diet and exercise to reduce the symptoms.


Meanwhile, Dr. Temsumenla stressed that openly discarded napkins spoils the aesthetics beauty of a place. She counseled the students that used napkins sustain bacterial growth which can cause harm to anyone who comes in direct contact with it. She also advised not to recklessly discard napkins which find their ways into the soil and waters contaminating both. “This is a serious harm to the environment,” Dr. Temsumenla stated.


She further spoke on teenage pregnancy under the age of 20 years. She stated that most teen pregnancies are hidden for months resulting in lack of adequate pre-natal care and dangerous outcome for the baby as well as the mother.


More than 200 female high school students attended the awareness programme, which was organised by WSSO, PHED Mokokchung Division in partnership with Mokokchung Arts and Aesthetic Management (MAAM) as part of the Swachh Shakti Week under Swachh Bharat Mission (Gramin).