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HIV/AIDS church advocacy held in Mon

Mon, September 13 (MExN): The District AIDS Programme Control Unit (DAPCU), Mon organised a HIV/AIDS church advocacy in partnership with Konyak Baptist Baumeinok Bangjum (KBBB) Youth Ministry at Mon town on September 5. 
The programme began with keynote address by Wangchah K, Youth Secretary, KBBB and member of District AIDS Prevention and Control Committee. 

The resource person, Dr. Yanang K, MO, District Hospital Mon spoke on the ‘Basic of HIV and Treatment.’ He shared about the advantages of knowing our HIV status which can be determined only through blood test. With regard to treatment, he said that though there is no medicine for cure, Positive people can live healthily by taking and adhering to Anti Retroviral Therapy (ART). He therefore encouraged everyone to come forward and do the testing which is free in all Integrated Counselling and Testing Centre (ICTC). 

District Programme Officer, DAPCU Longyim Tzudir opined that church has been considered as one of the most influential institution and channel to educate, discipline and communicate to the community. However, it was realized that church should be capacitated and sensitized on HIV issues so that message will be spread to larger sections of the population and can play an important role in reversing the epidemic. He encouraged the church leaders to be well equipped on the issue of HIV/AIDS and request them to include HIV topics even in their sermons. He also encouraged the church to care for people living HIV/AIDS by establishing love, care and compassion.

Invocation prayer was pronounced by Youth Director, Wanching Baptist Church. The programme concluded with interactive session, where the participants also expressed their willingness to carry out Church advocacy on HIV/AIDS in their respective churches. Later, IEC materials and Guidebook on HIV/AIDS for Church leaders were distributed to all the participants.
This was stated in a press release issued by Dr. Vinito L. Chishi, State Consultant, LFA Nagaland. 

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