Honour conferred by God

Rev. L Suohie Mhasi

You are honoured by God as he has chosen you to be his servant whoever,whatever and wherever you are and your talent is.


What you are and what you have are God’s gift and he requires you to serve him with your gifts (Luk 12:48). Dedicate your life to Jesus Christ, work for him and gather with him ( Mat.12:30).


Don’t feel lonely or get discouraged for God is always with you.


Human beings of world record and history in all fields and in all ages are not super human beings. They are also men and women like you. God by his power may cause you to be far greater than what you think of yourself and to do far greater than what you imagine how far you can, if you trust in God.


Every moment is a gift from God and whenever the gift of time ceases, life on this earth ceases. So each moment is more valuable than gold.


Victory, peace and joy are in the righteousness and holiness of God. Temporary success or victory without righteousness and holiness is without peace and joy.


Rememeber the heavenly honour and dignity God has conferred upon you to be a servant of his eternal kingdom and avail the opportunity he has given to you.


May your life be a tree by the waters ( Ps.1:3; Jer.17:7).