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Hornbill Festival: Visitors plummet on Day 9

Kohima, December 8 (MExN): Visitors registration at the main arena on the ninth day of the Hornbill Festival at Naga Heritage Village, Kisama plummeted to 14,316 on Monday, a day after record breaking attendance of 76645 on December 8. 

The December 9 visitors include 127 foreign and 3063 domestic tourists, in addition to 11,127 locals. 

With this, the total visitors in the last 9 days stands at 2, 54,217 (2926- Foreign; 52,736– Domestic; and 1, 98,555– local), and has already surpassed the last year total of 2, 51,701.

The overall totals as well as the foreign and domestic arrivals have already above the previous records and it remains to be seen whether the penultimate day would take the attendance to above 3 lakh.

However, looking at the data from the past, the numbers might be achieved as the first and last day of the festival usually attracts the most crowds.  


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