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Hornbill price regulations come into force

Hornbill price regulations come into force

Morung Express news 
Kohima | November 29

One of the important highlights of the 20th edition of the Hornbill Festival includes the fixed rates of various items sold in Kisama and night bazaar. The price regulation has come in view of keeping rates at “reasonable level so that the common people and tourists yield the benefit.”

The Chairman of the Pricing Committee, Principal Secretary of IT & C and Power, KD Vizo observed that, “local businesses are selling items at exorbitant rates in Kisama heritage Village and Night bazaar during Hornbill Festival and although few individuals might be getting the benefit, the general citizens and the tourists are paying heavy price.”

Various food items and delicacies, beverages, vegetables, fruits and other essential commodities have been listed in the revised regulation. It has also fixed rates of taxi fares (including two wheelers) for hire and pool. “This has been done after background study and in consultation with various departments and agencies in that regard,” the Chairman informed.  

The committee included members from the Transport, Art & Culture Department, Horticulture, Agriculture and Tourism Departments, including KMC and KCCI. 

The regulations have been implemented for strict compliance, with those failing to adhere to the regulations liable for termination or cancellation of stall and taxi permits.

The chairman stated that while the regulations will be followed at best, any incompliance can be communicated to the Tourism Department or any department in the community.  

It may be noted that some horticulture and art items have been excluded from the list. Meanwhile, 50% discount of charges can be availed by senior citizens and differently-abled persons. 

A full list of the price regulations is available at the festival website

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