Human nature of blaming in vogue

Z Peter Kvz Yim

Baptist College, Kohima

Admit it or not, it is apparent that we are into blaming for all things either in good times and bad times which comes around. More Definitely, we have the common habit of grumbling with wide opened mouth – blaming heavily to every season. Like, when Summer approaches we usually claim it is extremely hot especially this year, too rainy in monsoon, excessively windy and cold in winter and so on. This attitude dwells in us and it will move on the same.


As you (Rational being) read this, spare little time and study its core though it might be meaningless now, but it would be grave step and useful probably in the near future or forever – So the question is,why do human always blame on seasons instead of acknowledging to God?


Life will go blaming on everything that come across, and regretfully, sometimes people go up to the extent of blaming even the God. There is nothing such to say that you don’t blame anyone at all. In fact carrying Criticizers in life is quite supportive for constructive matters and knowing the source or its root can yield appropriate result. With no doubt people who are naive are the ones who often talk nonsense with their serpent tongues and ultimately pollute the minds of growing youngsters.


We could figure out, there are couple types of people in society : Intellectuals group of people raise to blame rightfully with certain aims and objectives to fill up the gaps which were left vacuum. On the other hand, some people goes on criticizing with a limited ideology who are more like uneducated ones. However, if one group happens to do good job for society, the other appears to resist the moves and later leading to blamestorm.


Whenever any crisis occurs in state, we the people ipso facto complains and blames the Govt directly for the very cause. We even go to the extent of blaming and defaming the leader’s name in particular. Anyhow, have you ever thought of how and why conflict arises? or why corruption is not ending, From where is it coming? Let’s all stop pointing our fingers at someone without a proper and vivid knowledge about him/her.


As a matter of fact, everything happens in state or life in the name of public as it is our handiwork that we chooses the one whom we believe to be a capable leader.


So Henceforward, let’s try to use our tidy hands – efforts affirmatively. The General election is crawling at the doorway, therefore in order to have a colourful outcomes for the future, we should not commit or err the Same past mistake. Lastly, hoping that Nagas visions would not lapse and that U-turn would not take place again. If you want the CHANGE then BLAME yourself priorly and understand the taste before licking foolishly on others.