Hydrographical study on flood estimation



Kamal Baruah


There has been no analysis on the topography of rainfall-depth-duration-frequency on the mighty Brahmaputra that finally led to extreme cases of loss and destruction of flood from this year. The magnitude of aftermath effect was higher than expected. The PM had recently met Chief Ministers of Assam, Nagaland, Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh to take stock of the latest flood situation in a flood review meeting at Guwahati and a package for flood relief and rehabilitation of flood damage announced. A research project for long term study on Brahmaputra and its role in creating devastating flood is also proposed.


So far an empirical approach is generally followed for embankment, waterway of bridges/cross drainage structures leading disasters in plains. Moreover peak discharge of water from dam during monsoon rainfall is never considered. A rational and scientific estimation of floods is the need of the hour for safe and yet economic design of structures. Data collection on rainfall and river discharge is a critical issue. A landmark study of flood formula on mighty Brahmaputra can be brought out from a joint effort from Central Water Commission, Railways, Roads and Water Resources and Meteorological department with the support of local expert. A final finding must come out this time for this perennial problem that carries a catastrophic effect to NE development. Yours etc.