Idgah Committee clarifies on social media rumours

Dimapur, October 11 (MExN): The Idgah Committee, the apex body of all the Mosques of Dimapur District, has clarified that “some vested individuals” have been spreading “false propaganda” in Nagaland about the Muslim community. This is an attempt to “create panic and disrupt the peaceful environment of Nagaland,” the Committee stated.


A press release from Shanawar Shaikh, President of the Idgah Committee, Dimapur, today clarified the air with regard to rumours being circulated widely on social media platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook, “with a malafide intention to discredit the integrity, respect of the Muslim community.”


The Idgah Committee has requested the Police and Law Enforcing Agencies to “trace the anti social elements/culprits and make it public to remove the unnecessary doubts from the minds of the people and restore social harmony and trust among the citizens.”


They hope that the state agencies will “take strict action against those anti socials/culprits.”


“One such fake message circulating on social media (Whatsapp & Facebook) says that one fictitious character named Shahbuddin Mohammed Ali, Imam of Dimapur along with three others were killed by Nagaland Police is a fake information to mislead the public,” they maintained.


The Idgah Committee informed that “there is no Imam by the name of Shahbuddin Mohammed Ali in Dimapur District.”


They stated that “Those who are spreading rumours by taking this fictitious name are only trying to create panic and disrupt the peaceful environment of Nagaland.”


“Some vested interest individuals are circulating fake messages one after another in Social Media (WhatsApp & Facebook) from the last one week and in some messages they have even used the name of Nagaland Police to confuse the public,” noted the Committee.


Further, the Idgah Committee affirmed that “Muslim community and Nagas are living peacefully in Nagaland since many years and no outside force will be allowed to disintegrate it.”


It also welcomed the decision of DC, Dimapur and other tribal bodies to “check the documents of Non-Nagas to curb the menace of illegal immigrants” and assured full cooperation from the Idgah Committee.