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If we miss the bus again, it will be another long struggle, says ex-minister Nuklutoshi

Dimapur, November 9 (MExN): Nuklutoshi, ex-minister, Nagaland today expressed gratefulness to all past and present Naga national workers, stating that the 21st century Naga generation is “deeply indebted to them for all the sacrifices they have made for the Nagas.”

The ex-minister while appreciating the freedom fighters’ stand on the issue of sovereignty, at the same time, being satisfied with what has been achieved thus far, held that the Naga national workers presently engaged in peace talks “must now fully concentrate and strive for the much anticipated political settlement at the earliest possible time.”

“If we miss the bus again due to avoidable petty misunderstandings and squabbles among us, then it will be another long struggle through uncertain times that may stretch to years and years of anguish, blood and tears for everyone,” the ex-minister held in a press release.

“The new generation cannot wait anymore for that elusive political settlement to materialize, because only when it does come about, it will usher in a new dawn of emancipation in every sphere of life in Naga society which is in shambles today,” read the release.

Maintaining that the economy is in a status of misery and tens of thousands of “educated, competent Naga youth” unemployed, it said that at this present scenario of the Naga society, the National workers “must ponder seriously about the situation and go for the political settlement without further delay.”

Further stating that “whatever they achieve at this juncture in their lifetime, will be appreciated and acknowledged by the Nagas.”

To conclude their tenure ‘honorably,’ Nuklutoshi urged upon the national workers “to bring the political settlement to fruition, because if it is delayed any further, the restless upcoming generation of Nagas may hold it against them,” while adding that the sacrifices and tremendous efforts made for “so many years” may all go in vain if this golden opportunity was missed.

The ex-minister further referred to the book of Ecclesiastes Chapter 3:1-8 in the Bible which denotes that “there is a season and a time for every purpose under Heaven.”

Meanwhile, at this crucial juncture of Naga history, he called on all the stake holders, the Naga intellectuals, Church bodies, Hohos, NGOs, student organizations, politicians cutting across party lines, Mother's organizations and all the Nagas in the cities, towns and villages to rise above everything and come together as one “to support this God given opportunity of a lifetime for Naga political settlement.” 


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